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Release Date:   2016-01-28

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Software Product Description

There are different types of Garmin GPS devices that allow users to perform digital geocaching. The users can directly store the files they download from into their receivers. The firmware built into the receivers allows users to manage the geocaches they find and the ones they have not yet found. The users may even interact with the website about their findings.

Although the GPS devices come with an application for managing maps and waypoints, it has great limitations. The application, called MapSource, typically provides a few icons that symbolize various features, but this may be confusing because the icon names in the application are different than the ones in the receiver. Users also find it difficult to load several waypoint files unless they combine them into a single large file.

Waypoints is a simple application for managing geocaches and files that users want to load to MapSource. You can use it to easily merge multiple GPX files so that you can load them onto MapSource. During the merging process, the lightweight application converts the icon names to correspond to those used in MapSource to ensure that all caches are displayed correctly. All the caches already stored appear as icons with open boxes.

The software features a simple graphical user interface that easily allows you to select the geocache files to join by clicking on 'Input files' from the 'File' menu. You need to specify the name and location of the output file before you can merge the files. The 'File' menu also allows you to run MapSource.

When you run MapSource, it will load the merged GPX output file, allowing you to display all the merged geocaches on the corresponding map.

Please note that you need to store the data you collect because Waypoints needs them to create an output file. The application only adds the geocaches it finds in the geocache files.

Requires: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or above. Get It Here.