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Release Date:   2006-03-16

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Software Product Description

WebColor is a nifty little utility program we wrote for in-house use, but one we think other web designers might find helpful. Colors can drive a web designer nuts! Because not all machine/browser combinations can render a given color in the manner intended by the web author, results can be totally unexpected.

WebColor is a simple-to-use utility that will alleviate the color problem and make life a little easier for the web authors.

WebColor presents a simple dialog on which you can pick one of the 216 "web-safe" colors from a convenient palette. You can also pick virtually any color, web-safe or not. Or, if you prefer, you can supply your own RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values to specify the color.

You can also create your own palette of colors ready for instant use. As you make your selections, WebColor displays the resulting color - and its corresponding HTML value - at the bottom of the dialog.

As an added convenience, the HTML value can be automatically placed on the Windows clipboard. All you have to do is select a color, switch to your HTML editor, and press Ctrl-V (or choose Edit | Paste) to insert the HTML value into your HTML document.

If you don't like programs that automatically put things on the clipboard (possibly overwriting something else you've placed there), you can "turn off" this behavior. As a bonus, WebColor's extensive on-line help system includes links to on-line resources that thoroughly cover the issues of using colors on the web.