WildSpeller 2.2a      

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Release Date:   2017-08-17

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Reviewed on August 17, 2017

If you have ever been in a position where you wanted to use a word but was not sure of its correct spelling, then you will appreciate the help of WildSpeller. The intuitive English spelling aid software allows you to use wildcards for parts of words that you would like to know. The program knows approximately 144,000 English words with Canadian, British and American spellings, which are respectively marked [CA], [UK] and [US].

Features and Functions

WildSpeller features a text box for entering letters and wildcards and a list box for displaying results below it.

Type the letters that you know and use wildcards for the areas where you would like help. You can use * and ?, with the former representing multiple letters while the latter represents exactly one letter. You may use as many ? as you want and up to eight * in a search, and you can combine the wildcards in your search.

The wildcards may be at the beginning, middle or end of the word. To get a list of relevant results, click the button marked "Go," press "Alt+G" keys or the "Enter" key.

The spelling aid immediately displays a list of relevant words in the list box. If the application does not find a matching word, it displays the message "Nothing was Found." You do not have to use wildcards, in which case the application will try to match the entered word with those that have similar sound.

Depending on the number of words in the list box, you may need to scroll with Up and Down arrow keys or move around using Page Down, Page Up, Home or End keys. When you select a word in the list, the "Copy" button becomes activated, giving you the opportunity to copy it to the Clipboard. Alternatively, you may directly copy a word by double-clicking it.


WildSpeller is a lightweight and fast English spelling aid that includes 144,000 English words. You can use * or ? wildcards to respectively represent multiple words or a single word.

Software Product Description

An English spelling aid using wild cards.