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Reviewed on August 29, 2018

Forget the dull sleekness that has somehow become the norm with any recent major tech release. It seems like every other month one of the major tech companies hosts yet another news conference announcing some 'groundbreaking' new product or app. Gets pretty repetitive, doesn't it? Believe it or not, the release of Windows 95 has gone down in history as perhaps the greatest release party in computing history. Bill Gates was dancing on stage, the Rolling Stones supplied the soundtrack, and there was a real buzz about this newfangled 'Start Menu'...

All Windows 95 promised was to revolutionize the personal and business computing experience. It changed everything, was explicitly user-focused and believe it or not, totally changed the way people approached and used their PCs. Remember the fallout when early editions of Windows 8 didn't feature the now ubiquitous Start Menu? Yeah - we can thank 95 for that making a hasty a comeback! Lovely as a little sentimentalism can be now and again, why would modern PC enthusiasts want to emulate a now staggeringly outdated operating system on a modern setup? There are a few reasons why, and more importantly now an Electron app compatible with both 32 and 64 bit systems that really works a treat.

Experience True Personal Computing

Nobody would swap modern operating systems for Windows 95, but it is very refreshing to play about in an OS that simply does what it is told. There is no need to be continually online, with apps seemingly constantly auto-updating for little discernable purpose. Seemingly foolproof (probably the reason it was so successful), the Start Menu made it incredibly easy to get exactly where you need to be as quickly as possible. Multitasking became effortless, with millions of office workers able to switch from spreadsheets and Word through their game of solitaire in a single click.

It may seem archaic to those who were brought up with later releases of the Windows series, but there is a lot to learn from 95. Contemporary software developers ought to explore the reasons why Windows 95 was so successful. Simplicity, practicality and of course actually helping increase productivity. So many modern apps claim to deliver these essentials, but very few come close to being as groundbreaking. Experiencing Windows 95 on a modern computer is a learning experience that simply cannot be taught in a classroom.

How Does This Windows 95 Emulator Work?

Just to highlight how far computing power has come, Windows 95 can be run in a browser window! Although this release is not in any way associated with Microsoft, it is exactly identical to the classic first release. Download the correct file for your system (32-Bit or 64-Bit), and you're ready to go. This is the portable, standalone version so unzip the archive and run 'Windows95.exe'. Once launched, click 'Start Windows 95'. Or, you can also boot from a floppy disk image. Click 'show disk image' and copy the '.img' file to your floppy disk and re-boot your machine.

It could use a little polishing - availability as an app would be nice - but this is perfectly fine as it stands. The author of this emulator intended it to be a fun little side project, and accordingly, it is not streamlined or smart coded. But it works fine - so no problem there!

What To Do On Windows 95?

Play around and experience the classic OS that changed the world of computing. In a practical sense, there's not much that can be added in regards to productivity. Theoretically, as a fresh install on a stand-alone machine it would be virus proof - doubt many hackers bother with 95 nowadays either - but getting online will require some playing about.

The main reason for running this emulator is for educational purposes and of course a dose of nostalgia. It is recommended to adjust the screen resolution to 640x480 with 256 colors should you like to play some classic PC games in DOS. Many of these have long become freeware, and my goodness there are some true greats to enjoy!

So why not check out how it feels to be running Windows 95 on a modern computer the next time you have a lazy Sunday afternoon to spare? It is amazing that there is still so much that can be learned about design quality and practicality from such an outdated OS. All developers and enthusiasts will learn something from checking this out.

Software Product Description

Run Windows 95 on your current PC.

Note: Downloads for Linux and MacOS are available here.