Windows Update Blocker 1.6      

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Reviewed on May 03, 2019

Disable and enable Automatic Updates when updating works for you

Automatic updates may be convenient for some Windows 10 users, but not for everyone. Unfortunately, the lack of any means to block Windows 10 updates in Settings, means the only option available to disable the Automatic Updates service is by changing its status in the Services Manager. This involves running services.msc, scrolling down the list, double-clicking to bring up the 'Update Properties' window, and changing the Startup Type to 'Disabled'. Enabling it means going through the entire procedure again. Windows Update Blocker provides a convenient alternative.

The free utility enables you to disable or enable Automatic Updates in Windows 10 simply by clicking a button. It is conveniently portable, so you can load it on a flash drive and use it on any Windows system.

Quick, easy navigation

Download, extract and execute (wub.exe) Windows Update Blocker. The user interface contains a simple 'Windows Update Service panel,' a 'Service Status' icon, 'Apply' and 'Menu' buttons. To block Automatic Windows Updates, simply click the 'Disable Service' in the Windows Update Service panel, then the 'Apply Now' button and the Service Status icon will change. You can also enable the 'Protect Service Settings' option to control Windows from making changes.

The 'Menu' button provides access to 'Update Options' and to 'Windows Services'. You'll also find Command Prompt access complete with Command Line Info displaying the commands to use. Clicking 'Languages' gives you access to a wide range of languages (more than 25) including French, German, Chinese and many more. The 'Service List Options Manager' is the other menu item you will find useful in controlling Windows Services.

Blocking other services

While Windows Update Blocker enables you to disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10 upon immediately launching the utility, blocking other services requires a little more work.

The Wub.ini file will need editing to add the service name. First, click to open Windows Services and find the service you want to restrict. Click on it to copy and paste or type the correct name and service status into Wub.ini below the line dosvc=2,4 in the [Service_List] section. Service status codes are 2 for automatic, 3 for manual and 4 for disabled.

You can use 'Service List Options' in the Menu to enable a popup window where you control the services added to [Service_List] section of Wub.ini. 'Services' are listed at left, with a 'Save Settings' button. Clicking on a service displays its name, description, default and disabled parameters, and options.

If you prefer to have control over updating your system services, Windows Update Blocker is a useful utility in that it enables you to block Windows 10 updates and other services quickly and easily without the need to re-configure via the Windows Service Manager. Windows Operating Systems XP to 10 (32- and 64-bit) are supported.

Software Product Description

Take control over the Windows 10 updating procedure.