Zymph: Campaign Setting (3rd Edition)      

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Welcome to Zymph – a world of infinite possibilities.

Welcome to a world where anything can happen – and often does. Magic, warriors, dungeons, sprawling cities, strange monsters, and grand adventure all await you beneath the pages of this book – and much, much more.

Zymph is not tied to any rules system, so use your favorite – and join thousands of people all over the world who have already discovered one simple truth: in Zymph, anything is possible…

Zymph can be used as a campaign setting for your favorite role-playing rules system, a backdrop for fic-tional stories, or as a catalyst for spawning new and exciting locales.

Play in it. Expand it. Change it. Zymph is a open-sourced campaign setting, meaning anyone and every-one can contribute to it. So join the many who have already shaped the three-sunned planet – but be warned: once you enter, it will not let you leave!



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