How to Repair an Infected Non-bootable Computer System

Sometimes it happens that a computer becomes so infected that you cannot run an anti-virus or diagnostic program, install any PC Repair tool, or even start the machine. A computer will likely become non-bootable when it is badly infected with malware and viruses. Running anti-virus software is almost useless in this case because there are a few infections that can avoid detection by these anti-virus programs. Any of these programs that are running on your OS cannot fix the issue completely as some infections can only be removed using a pre-boot scan or running a scan performed by using a boot disc. As boot discs do not rely on your installed OS to run, you can use a boot disc with whatever OS you are using. It can be Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. There are various boot disc tools available such as:

Ultimate Boot CD:

This tool has been designed to make troubleshooting your PC easier. Ultimate Boot CD contains different diagnostic and system repair tools such as Data Recovery Utils, Disk Partitioning Software, PC Cleaners, System Stability Testers, CPU and Memory diagnostic tools, Boot Managers, Hardware Info and Diagnostics, and much more. There are currently well over 100+ tools included in the Ultimate Boot CD. This is certainly an excellent tool to add to your collection of must-have programs.

You can download it from here:


FalconFour’s Ultimate Boot CD:

This boot disc can be used for repairing your system and and for the recovery of Windows machines. Various scans can be performed by using this tool. It gives a customized boot menu with different updated repairing tools.

You can download it from here:


AVG Rescue CD:

AVG Rescue CD can fix a non-bootable PC and repair your infected machine. This software repairs the system crash and makes it work at its full capacity.

You can download it from here: –

Key Features:

This boot disc comes with an entire package of PC repair tools. There are a total of 3 utilities:

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Administration toolkit

There are two versions available of the software:

How to fix your computer by using the tool:
  • Download a dedicated version for a CD or for a USB stick for USB drives.
  • If you are using a CD/DVD/Bluray drive, then you have to download the ISO file and burn it to the CD/DVD/Bluray disc.

  • Now you can directly boot the PC to the main AVG menu. From here, you can easily scan the computer.

  • If there are some known issues then they can be fixed by running the included scripts.

  • All you need to do is update the list, and launch a certain script.

  • This tool also provides access to various Linux utilities like ping tool, file explorer, Windows registry editor, etc.
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