How to Search for Files on Windows 10

In Windows 10, it is much easier to find the files you are looking for as compared to older versions of Windows. All Windows operating systems already have a very powerful search feature but Microsoft tried to improvise in Windows 10. You can use various ways to search for a file.

Built-in Tools:

There are some built-in tools which can be used to search files more efficiently.

  • Search Box: – Using Search Box is one of the simplest ways. Just type in the file name and Windows 10 will start giving you suggestions matching your query. It will also present you with an option to perform a deeper search.
  • Cortana: – Using Cortana’s search feature is a quick way in which searching is more expedient. It also allows you to search for files by voice recognition.
  • My Stuff: – If you want to see a more thorough listing of files then My Stuff is the best search option you can use. It gives you a comparatively large list of search results. It also has an option to: ‘See All Links’.

Third-party Tools:

If you do not find the integrated Windows search tools efficient or robust, you can go with a third-party application as well. There are many tools available that can make your task much easier. Some of those apps are listed below:

  • Everything: By using this app, you can locate files and folders in your system instantly. It is one of the fastest search tools available for the Windows Operating System. When you initially run the software, it will take some time to index your entire system. Once your system is indexed, searches are instant. This lightweight app takes up very less space so it works well with old and slow computers.

Download it here:


  • SMF – Search My Files: This software is quite flexible when it comes to quick file searches. This tool has excessive search filter capabilities so that you can sub-filter the search results according to your needs. It is portable software as no installation is required. Nice tool to carry around on a USB disk.

Download it here:


  • SearchMyFiles: This lightweight and portable software offers detailed parameters for performing searches among all the drives and discs of your system. With the help of this utility, you can find the exact files you’ve been looking for. It gives an extensive list of configuration options so that search results can be narrowed down rapidly.

Download it here:


  • FileSearchy: – FileSearchy is an easy to use but powerful tool to locate files on your system very easily. With this software, you can search for files using more than the name of the file. Search file files by date, content, or any regular expression. It also features a tabbed user interface which facilitates several searches simultaneously and the results can be compared as well.

Download it here:

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