5 Free Android Antivirus Apps to Protect Your Device

Android phones tend to be very vulnerable to malware and viruses yet, despite ensuring the security of our laptops, we tend to forget about the phone. Phones are no longer just phones, either – they have all sorts of sensitive information on them.

All that information definitely needs the protection of an antivirus application and there are plenty of them available. They all secure your mobile device against viruses and malware and are upgradable to many other security features which – in many cases – are provided free, on a trial basis, or a set period of time. Here are five Android antivirus apps for you to choose from.

AVG AntiVirus Free & Mobile Security, Photo Vault

Shield the contents of our phone from serious harm and get additional tools to keep your data safe

AVG AntiVirus 2021 protects your phone from malware and viruses and provides Photo Vault for the safe storage of your photos. Additional tools security scan Wi-Fi networks, guard against getting hacked, and more.

You get effective virus protection and defense against malware when you install the free Android antivirus app, plus:

  • Real-time scanning of settings, files, apps, games
  • Task killing and speed-boosting
  • Cleaning up of unnecessary files
  • Encrypted photo vault
  • Wi-Fi network scanning
  • Wi-Fi download/upload speed checking
  • Password leak alerts

AVG AntiVirus 2021 secures your device, providing protection, privacy, and improved performance for free, while providing anti-theft features, app locking, camera trapping, lost phone locating, and device locking free for 30 days.


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Avast Antivirus – Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner

Protect against viruses, malware, phishing, and more; get alerts when downloading infected apps

A free Android Antivirus App, Avast Antivirus scans your device to remove viruses and malware. You are alerted if apps you download contain spyware or adware and if your passwords get hacked, and it prevents phishing attacks.

You get virus protection and a lot more when you secure your mobile device with Avast Antivirus. The application provides a photo vault, hacking checks, a file checker, junk cleaner and RAM boost, Wi-Fi speed testing, and more. Upgrading provides additional security features including app locking and camera trapping.


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Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware

Ad-free virus detection and cleaning

Malwarebytes for Android scans your phone for malware and viruses. It is excellent at finding ransomware, phishing, and PUPs – those potentially unwanted programs that you didn’t realize you would get when you innocently clicked a download link.

The free Android app quickly scans all your files and apps, removes viruses, and effectively detects malware, adware and. It also monitors the phone for location tracking and other such ‘extra feature’ apps with hidden fees.

Designed for Chromebook, the free – and ad-free – Malwarebytes phone version comes with a premium version 30-day trial, and Google Play detects your phone, as opposed to a Chromebook, when you download it.


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Lookout: Mobile Security, Antivirus, ID Protection

All-in-one antivirus protection and mobile security

Securing your mobile phone with Lookout’s Mobile Security & Antivirus app protects you from malware and spyware in addition to removing viruses. The application helps you to stay ahead of phishing and other potential ID theft.

  • Fast and easy identification, cleaning, and removal of viruses from your phone
  • Continuous antivirus protection keeps your device free from viruses, phishing, spyware, and other malware
  • System checking for root detections ensuring peak performance from your operating system
  • Location mapping for alarm operation
  • Location saving signal flare on low battery status

Up to 360 additional mobile security features are available with premium Lookout plans such as detection of the many possibilities of theft of all your sensitive content, WI-Fi scanning, VPN, data breaches, and much more.


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Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Ready-to-go virus scanning with in-the-cloud technology

The award-winning Bitdefender antivirus is a powerful solution to the need to secure your mobile device. Unlike other antivirus applications, virus signatures are not stored on your device. Bitdefender checks online for the newest safeguards through the use of its in-the-cloud services resulting in super-fast background scanning with little impact on battery or performance.

The free Android antivirus app scans apps downloaded to your phone. 24/7 certified protection is provided to you against mobile device targeted viruses and malicious intent. All your apps are checked – all the time.

Bitdefender is ready to start scanning as soon as it is installed and automatically scans every app installed as time goes on. Upgrading provides many more mobile security features such as webpage real-time scanning and locking and locating tools to guard against information theft if you lose your device.


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