5 Handy Uninstallers to Remove Android Apps

The Google Play store makes installing applications on your Android phone so fast and easy that you tend to clutter up the system with lots of apps that you never use. Using the uninstaller that came with the phone is simple but usually does not remove all the files involved. Luckily there are a number of third-party Android apps available that can return your phone to running as smoothly as it did when you first bought it – chiefly by uninstalling your Android apps and removing all their associated files from your phone. They do not, however, remove the apps that the manufacturer pre-installs on your phone.

Free up space on your Android phone and reduce battery usage with one of the following free uninstaller apps and for a clean, decluttered device with lots of usable disk space.


Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall

Remove unwanted apps with a single click

Fast and simple to use, Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall enables you to quickly remove apps from your device both individually and in a batch. In addition to being an efficient Android uninstaller, it will track and display app and battery usage and has search and sort functions.

The Easy Uninstaller lists the apps installed on your device with a checkbox beside each one. The total amount of space they are using is displayed at the top of the screen. The listing can be in ascending or descending name, date or size order – click sort menu icon at the bottom left to access the options. To uninstall applications, just check the boxes and click Uninstall. Confirmation screens enable you to confidently complete uninstalling them. History of the uninstalled apps is stored for future reference.

You can access a context menu by long pressing a selected application. This gives you options to uninstall, launch, view details or share it. You can also search the app in the Google market from this menu.

Settings enable you to set the Android uninstaller to notify you of unused apps weekly or monthly and when remaining space is below the amount you’ve set. You can also track battery use and regular usage of individual apps.



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Hibernate the apps you’re not using and save resources when you Greenify

Greenify lets you put the apps you’re not using into hibernation so that they only run when you actually start them. This way you can keep apps you don’t regularly use but, at the same time, don’t want to uninstall without them continually running in the background.

Upon launch, a green home screen displays with the app’s mandate – Greenify, Enjoy, Forget. Click the + sign to display the applications you have installed. Greenify will analyze all your apps and list all those running in the background. To hibernate an app, tap it and hit the check button, and click through the confirmation screens.

Hibernated apps cannot run and use the phone’s resources unless you actually launch them at which point, they function fully in the foreground.

The Settings menu allows you to set Auto-hibernation and various tracking and blocking features of applications and phone settings.



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Uninstaller by Rhythm Software

Fastest and simplest Android uninstaller

The Rhythm software uninstaller app promises to remove apps from your Android phone individually or in batches quickly and easily. In addition, it provides functions to sort in various modes, search by name and display application information.

  • Single click application uninstall
  • Batch uninstall
  • Customizable sort modes
  • Select application to display full details – version, size, etc.
  • Search
  • Filter to locate uninstallable system apps
  • Lightweight application

On launching, the uninstaller lists all your installed applications along with the amount of space they are using. You just click an app to remove it and click through the confirmation screens.



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SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

Take out the garbage with SD Maid

This fully featured maintenance utility that cleans and uninstalls all the unnecessary files on your device is your best answer to removing apps from your Android phone and more…

SD Maid was expressly designed to look for the garbage that has accumulated on your phone, clean things up and free up space. It removes all the leavings of the apps you have uninstalled, the logs, crash reports, etc, that you really don’t want, and all the files you don’t even recognize.

On launching SD Maid, you are presented with scan options – Corpse Finder, System Cleaner and Databases. Corpse Finder and System Cleaner enable you to delete files from the lists that SDMaid returns and you are able to clean and optimize the databases it finds. Other menu items include Overview, Explorer, Searcher, App Control, App Cleaner and Settings.

Review your device’s entire contents, browse and manipulate files, search for specific files by name, content, and date. Easily manage apps and customize settings to run and schedule tools automatically. AppControl is unique to SD Maid and facilitates freezing, restarting, and deleting any installed app on the device.



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System App Remover (root needed)

Classify your apps groups – Could remove, Should remove and Key module

System App Remover is an Android uninstaller that analyzes your installed apps and classifies them. The classifications then display, together with the space requirement, alongside the listed apps so that you are always aware of what can or should be removed, and how much space will be saved. Root access for your Android device is required for System App Remover features other than uninstalling apps.

In addition to removing apps from your Android phone, scanning, installing, deleting, sorting and moving apps are facilitated, together with the capability to move multiple apps between SD card and phone memory with just a single click.

  • Sort applications by name, size, time and movability
  • Customize and display app details – size, time installed, package and APK path
  • One click uninstall multiple apps
  • Backup and Restore deleted apps
  • Move apps between SD Card and phone memory
  • Batch move apps to SD card or phone
  • Scan SD Card for APKs
  • APK Manager to install, search, rename, delete and move APK files
  • Search by app name, package name or APK name in market or website

System App Remover has a thoroughly tested database of apps which can safely be removed without creating compatibility issues. Learn how to root your Android device to use this app successfully.



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