5 Useful Android Language Translators

Language barriers may have presented problems for travelers in the past. We’d spend months preceding our trip studying the language. We’d invest in phrase books. We’d desperately hope that the waiter, the hotel clerk, ticket seller or somebody… perhaps understood a smattering of our language.

Traveling in a country where we do not speak the language is a lot easier today. We most likely travel with smartphones and there are many language translator apps available to smooth the path for us. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or, maybe, you are just interested in learning another language, there are many Android language translator apps to choose from. They require access to your phone’s camera, microphone, and storage in order to use most of the features. Here are five of the best.


Google Translate

The most popular Android language translator, and possibly the most versatile

Google Translate often comes preinstalled on Android phones and tablets but if not, you can download and install it to quickly translate by typing, by photographing or by speech translation, whether connected to the internet or not.

Type in the words and it translates more than a hundred languages from one to another when you use it online, and more than half of them when your device is offline. Online, using your phone’s camera to photograph signs, menus – even handwriting, it will come to your rescue in many of those languages. Real-time speech translation is a further feature of the app. A summary of the Android language translator’s features include:

  • Typing – translation between 103 different languages
  • Camera – translate image to text in 38 languages
  • Offline – download language packs to translate any of 59 languages
  • Speech – two-way translation instantly for 32 languages
  • Handwriting – translation capability for 93 languages
  • Tapping – pop up translation for text copied into any Android application
  • Phrasebook – stores translations

Google Translate is considered to be an essential app by its many users.



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Microsoft Translator

Speak to as many as 100 people simultaneously across their various languages

The Android language translator is a simple, practical application designed for translation convenience. Sixty languages are supported both online and offline.

The clean, comprehensive interface provides four quick access buttons to access translation via text, camera, speech or conversation. Camera translation provides the translation of text in images, whether photographed or as screenshots, while speech translation delivers bilingual conversation in split-screen mode.

The conversation menu gives you access to group conversation. Here, you can chat with people around the world in their individual languages, all in real time. You set up the conversation by inputting your name and language. Tapping enter provides you with a QR code which you share with potential participants who can then join in the conversation.

Microsoft Translator provides accurate and contextual translation through its use of neural networks. Many essential phrases can be accessed with a simple tap. And you can look up alternate meanings and translations of words, download languages you may require for use offline and acquire correct pronunciation either verbally or with the included pronunciation guides.

The Android language translator can be set up to be accessed in other applications via the context menu and you can pin frequently used phrases. Microsoft Translator is compatible with – and can be synced to – all Android devices.



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Reverso Translation Dictionary

Get specific terminology for professional use and check out real-life examples of usage

Say it or type it and Reverso Translation Dictionary will give you written translation or tell you how to pronounce the words. The translations that appear most relevant display, as well as various examples of usage. The app includes a large database of professionally translated examples and a linguistic search engine that displays the way your phrase has been used in articles and documents all across the internet.

By its nature, the Android language translator is a go-to solution for translating technical, business, medical, financial phrases and more. Frequently used words and phrases can be saved to the phrasebook, and there’s a flashcard feature to help you memorize them. It was developed by the creators of Reverso.net, the well-established and well-respected translation website.

The user-friendly design of Reverso ensures that it is suitable for everybody, whether professionals, language students or for individuals who just need translation occasionally. The contextual usage examples make it invaluable. Instant translation is available in eleven languages including English, French, Spanish, and German. Sharing is possible from within the application.



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Language Translator

The simple, convenient Android language translator for travelers anywhere

Language Translator from La Clave Ganadora SL does exactly what it says. It translates between 90 different languages. Having this app your Android device, it is always available for those moments when you are a stranger in a strange land and just don’t know how to express your needs.

While the simple and stylishly designed app is ideal for tourists, it is also highly convenient for fast translation of text messages received in other languages, and even for the competent translator. After all, everybody gets stuck for a word sometimes, and this is a small handy app provides exactly what you need to know.

  • Simple, clean and comprehensive interface
  • Instant translation
  • One button tap to copy resulting translation
  • One button tap to delete
  • 90 languages.
  • Voice or text input
  • Audio translation.

Compatible with all Android devices, Language Translator requires an internet connection in order to use it correctly.



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All Language Translator Free

Learn languages, interact with others and share translations

Claimed as the largest translation dictionary, All Language Translator can be used as a dictionary to display definitions of the words translated. At the same time, it’s convenient for fast translation of texts and unfamiliar words you may come across in an otherwise familiar language.

The Friendly Material, easy to use attractive interface, audio translation for comfortable interaction for the traveler or tourist, and sharing is available from within the application. Type or speak your translation requirements; see or hear the results. Learn a new language and ensure you have it installed when you go on vacation. All Language Translator Free is compatible with all Android devices.



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