Top 5 Apps to Repair and Fix Android Problems

Usually trouble-free, your Android phone sometimes slows down, hangs or freezes seemingly for no reason at all. It gobbles up battery power or you have problems downloading apps. You may even have difficulty establishing a WiFi connection. The problem is that your phone gets cluttered with installed apps, images, music, videos, and other downloaded files, and slowdowns start to happen.

When you don’t know where to begin to find out what’s going on with your normally reliable device, it’s time to download one of the many ‘phone-fixing‘ apps that are constantly being developed today. Here are five of the best available to repair and fix Android problems.

Repair Android system (Fix Android Problems)

Repair Android phone problems with a one tap

From yosaDevelopers, this app is essentially five tools in one. It’s a system repairer, system optimizer, and RAM cleaner. It removes harmful files, redundant background processes, and empty folders, and scans for remnants of uninstalled applications. Repair Android System checks the entire system to either automatically fix problems or to provide you with the ability to do so.

Launch to scan the system and the screen displays five icons:

  • One Tap Repair – displays progress and enables control through system repairing, remedy bot, and file system repair, displaying a window itemizing the successful repairs made upon completion.
  • One-Tap Optimize – boosts RAM and cools CPU.
  • One-Tap App Manager – clears the cache and provides options to uninstall unwanted apps.
  • One-Tap Scan for Empty Folders – allows options to access files and delete empty folders and junk to free up space.
  • One Tap Information – provides storage, RAM, phone, and battery information.

Repair Android System is a small but powerful application to repair Android, displaying charge status and memory status to ensure that your phone is optimized at all times.


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Repair System: Booster, Optimizer & Battery Keeper

Highly rated Android booster, cleaner and optimizer

You can manage apps, clean application and cache junk from your system, extend battery life and analyze and repair slow startup and software problems with highly popular Repair System: Booster, Optimizer & Battery Keeper from MobileApps Fancher.

A phone cleaner, battery saver and app manager that enables you to repair and optimize your phone’s system, this is an easy-to-use very comprehensive application that provides for problem-free performance at all times.

The powerful Battery Saver shuts down the background apps that drain the battery, the App Manager enables one-click uninstalls of unused apps and the Phone Cleaner cleans out all the junk to improve performance quickly and efficiently. The application integrates a CPU Cooler to stop overheating apps and a Battery Keeper to optimize all apps to maintain battery power.


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Droid Optimizer

Free your phone from clutter and reclaim space, plus protect your privacy

Boost your phone’s performance level with the high level of control provided by Ashampoo’s Droid Optimizer. Launch this app and the main interface will display how much free space you have and how much free RAM and a One-Touch Speed-up button for Clean Up, App Manager and Privacy Advisor for individual access and an Automatic Scheduling button.

Individually these will find junk, manage auto starts, stop background apps and clean cache and browser history plus provide access to uninstalling unused apps, and locating any apps which might need permissions changed to ensure your security. Automatic Scheduling enables you to set up auto cleaning times and actions, and night-time WiFi shut-off.

Rid yourself of data chaos. Fix Android problems with highly versatile, ad-free Ashampoo Droid Optimizer – free to download and easy to use.


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Repair System and Analyzer Files

Analyze and repair Android for better performance and stability

A new program from TrueForDev, Repair System and Analyzer Files eliminates system slowdown, cleans RAM and optimizes the CPU.
The app scans your operating system to analyze and fix errors, startup issues, and system bugs, to check the file system, and clear the cache, optimizing memory. In action, the range of further features includes:

  • Fixing System Boot and Speed Boosting RAM and CPU
  • Providing full phone information
  • Finding and fixing problems to boost games
  • Android clean and system speed-up

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Android Cleaner – Phone Booster & Memory Optimizer

Schedule clearing out of junk files, retrieve space and save your battery

Fix Android problems with Systweak Android Cleaner and fully optimize your phone’s performance, a powerful and highly effective application. Set a cache cleaning and RAM optimizing schedule or, alternatively, manually start with a tap on the Phone Boost button.

The Junk File Cleaner detects and removes all the clutter, to free up space and greatly improve the speed of the device, while the Battery Saver finds and closes apps that are not in use and displays the device temperature, enabling you to maintain a healthy battery. The App Manager locates the ‘space hoggers‘ and fully removes the leftover data when you uninstall them boosting RAM and reducing battery use. It conveniently provides an archive option prior to deletion.

The Game Booster frees up RAM and suspends background processes to create smooth and responsive play when you access your games apps.

The app includes a File Explorer to give you options to categorize and manage your files more efficiently, and allows you to effectively save space with a Duplicate Files Remover. You can also view, rename, delete or archive hidden files, control notifications and hibernate the apps you’re not using.

Overall, Android Cleaner is a powerful cleaner with the added advantages of working with hidden files, controlling notifications and organizing WhatsApp media.


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