Top 5 Android Apps to Stream Movies and TV

It’s ‘smart’ to stream movies on Android today

In the smartphone age, we are no longer limited to the television set for the TV shows and movies we want to see. We can watch TV on Android wherever we happen to be simply by downloading a streaming app to the phone.

Better still, there are quite a number of apps that offer us popular movies, TV series, full box sets, and even local programs that are absolutely free. They are funded through advertising but, on the whole, this is no more intrusive than internet advertising and less so than television commercials since generally speaking, they appear while your selected movie is loading. An ad-blocker will result in even less.

Here are five of the best free apps to stream movies on Android.


Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV

Stream popular movies and TV series in full HD

Tubi TV is absolutely free and has a vast library for you to choose from whenever you’re looking to relax with television entertainment. Watch anything you choose from Hollywood A-listers to high-demand documentaries. New free content is added each week.

The Tubi TV graphical user interface is easy to use. You find the movies and TV shows you want to watch by genre, and queue or bookmark what you want to watch later. You can even synchronize devices so that you can continue with something on one device that you had to leave off watching on another one. Top of the screen you’ll find the featured section where you can see what’s been added each week. Shows that you haven’t finished watching are conveniently shown beneath it and your bookmarked or queued movies below that.

Android 4.1 and up is required for Tubi TV.


Tubi-TVDownload Here


Tube Movi – Free latest movie streaming

An intelligent system for hunting down movies and videos on the internet

Stream movies on Android with TubeMovi and watch all the latest releases. A huge variety of popular movies, English language TV series and lots of Hindi movies are available absolutely free. TubeMovi’s selection of older movies is extensive.

Subscribing is easy – you just use your email address or log in with Facebook and you’re in. The menu bar on the main interface allows you to choose your language (English or one of the South Asian ones) and you have your choice of current or older movies by popularity and/or genre.

If you aren’t able to finish watching a movie or TV show, it can be saved for next time when, upon logging in, you can use the left-hand menu to find and click it to continue watching. TubeMovi requires Android 4.2 and up.



Download Here



The award-winning open source software media player

Kodi, from the XBMC Foundation, is a media player app with a standard graphical user interface (GUI) where you can browse available media files on your network or the internet. It is basically a central location hub allowing you to connect to a bigger screen for your movie-watching experience. While it doesn’t actually offer content, there are authorized third-party plugins for Kodi that let you stream movies and watch TV on Android or on another screen using your smartphone as a remote control. The GUI provides comprehensive navigation for doing so via the system settings.

Since it has been developed primarily for larger screens, Team Kodi suggests that this app should be used on not less than minimum 5-inch smartphones. Android 5.0 or higher is required.



Download Here



A huge library of award-winning movies and TV shows

A large variety of movies and TV shows in English and South-East Asian languages, along with, all the required sub-title options, is the focus of iflix. Partnerships with studios and global content distributors provide you with access to Asian and Middle Eastern TV shows and movies in addition to high demand American and Korean hits.

With iflix, you can:

  • Download & watch offline
  • Get English, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese or Sinhala subtitles
  • Watch on one device and stream on another at the same time

From a Malaysian team, iflix is subscription-based – no contract, no ads, cancel online anytime. At minimum Android 4.3 is required.



Download Here


Pluto TV – It’s Free TV

Stream movies on Android from all the best-known filmmakers

Pluto TV doesn’t stint. Watch TV on Android with Pluto’s app and get more than a hundred live channels, thousands of movies and even specialty programming from Food TV to Pro Wrestling – all with no fees, subscriptions or credit cards required.

Internet-based, Pluto TV is entirely advertising-funded, and you don’t even need a subscription, although subscribing gives you access to customized options. It works just like a cable or satellite box where you can flip through the channels or view the time-indexed channel guide. You can setup your favorites and find them at the bottom of the screen whenever you open the app, where just like cable, you’ll also find the channel you last watched playing.

Movie channels are genre-based. Choose from fun genres like ‘Not on Netflix or Hulu‘ or ‘Punch, Kick, Ka’Boom!‘ and keep checking because new titles are added every day to Pluto TV’s base of licensed TV shows, web-based and custom channels and on-demand movies.

You may get more commercials when using Pluto TV than with other apps for streaming movies on Android, but they are mostly short. Of course, the streaming TV channels have their regular commercial breaks.



Download Here

In addition to watching movies on Android, you can also watch free movies and TV online. Learn more from our article Legally Watch Free Movies and TV Online.