Top 5 Free Audio Players for Windows

There are many free audio players available for Windows, and there have been for many years now. Many of the original ones have continued to be updated to the meet changing needs, and many have been more recently developed based on open source architecture.

Whether you’re a keen developer, a budding DJ or you just want to listen to your music with the ability to mix and match, rip and capture for your own enjoyment; you have a great choice of free audio players.



Play, record, convert, schedule… the all-in-one player

A excellent free audio player for Windows, AIMP is sophisticated yet easily operated. It’s a player but also an audio organizer, tag editor, and converter. Providing 32-bit audio processing for excellent sound quality, it can be installed on your Windows computer or used as a portable program, and its wide range of functions preempt the need to install recorder or converter software.

AIMP has an easy-to-use interface and numerous features which all come in a surprisingly small utility that uses minimal system resources. It has an 18-band equalizer and plays just about everything. You can:

  • Play popular and newer audio formats including FLAC, APE, S3M, WavPack, and Speex
  • Browse, stream and capture internet-radio and save to OGG, EAV, and MP3
  • Download cover art from the internet
  • Edit and apply tags to audio files and groups of files
  • Organize your music, create bookmarks, playback queues and keep playback statistics
  • Use built-in sound effects including Reverb, Pitch, Tempo, Echo, etc.
  • Create and play multiple playlists

AIMP is widely recommended for multi-user mode support, multi-language support and great support for added plugins. Search for files, customize settings, configure hotkeys… AIMP does everything – you can use its alarm clock and set a shutdown timer to play yourself to sleep, too. All you need when you’re ready to download the free audio player is a sound card and DirectX 8.1 or above.



Download Here



An advanced, powerful and flexible audio player with a modular design

Continually upgraded over many years, foobar2000 is a sophisticated free audio player that is primarily a converter and playback tool. It is a popular choice for ripping and converting CDs and will copy tracks from your discs, automatically tag them and basically organize everything for you.

The modular design of foobar2000 allows development of extended functions in a high quality, advanced environment with full Unicode support. Gapless playback, full ReplayGain support, a fully customizable user interface and support for all popular lossy and lossless audio formats present a Windows audio player that appeals to both users who want a reliable, time-tested player and to more technically inclined users who like to experiment and improve on program functionality.


foobar2000Download Here


GOM Audio

Get all you need in a free audio player and more…

Lightweight GOM Audio supports MP3s and M4As among other audio formats, CDs and DVDs and lets you stream live radio broadcasts from all over the world. Its easy-to-navigate slickly designed graphic user interface is attractive and conducive to managing your music library to your complete satisfaction.

With GOM Audio on your computer, you get a built-in equalizer allowing you to customize your settings and save them, as well as providing presets as diverse as Party and Classified, Reggae and Rock, Small Speakers and Large Hall. Your available sound effects are also diverse, ranging from Bathroom to Church, Small to Large Room. You can adjust tempo, pitch, balance, bass and more.

Unique Playlist functions include the capability to sort by file name, title, artist, album and track number, and you can add to your playlists quickly and easily by grabbing music from a URL. The MiniWeb browser displays album art alongside the album information, it shows the lyrics from what’s currently playing, and gives you quick access to podcasts and your podcast subscriptions. There’s a built-in visualizer providing either party or soothing visuals – your choice, and a Mini Control so that you can stop, pause, change files, etc. when you currently have music playing.



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The open source best choice for DJs

Both professional and amateur DJs make Mixxx their free audio player of choice. It was designed by DJs for DJs, and if you love creating memorable live music mixes, this is the program for you.

Whatever your experience level, there’s something for you. Mixxx provides an Auto DJ for new aspiring DJs – you just import some audio tracks, and the utility automatically handles the mixing. More experienced DJs will appreciate the BPM detection which beat-matches songs and provides cross-fading to make the perfect mix.

Advanced features include:

  • MIDI controller support
  • Vinyl control
  • Multichannel soundcard support for playback and capture
  • Hardware video acceleration for minimal latency
  • Pitch independent tempo adjustment capability
  • Waveform summary displays

Completely free Mixxx is very easy to use and has a good selection of features making it an excellent program for starting or for furthering your DJ career.



Download Here



The perfect choice for quality playback of common audio formats

Qmmp provides a simple interface, simple features and an entirely user-friendly environment in a free audio player for your Windows computer. FLAC, MP3, WAV, OPUS, SND, AIFF, and OGG are all supported as well as many more input formats including the newer compressed lossless formats.

Basic playback controls include play, stop and next, previous, shuffle and repeat. Volume and balance can be adjusted, and you’ll find a 10-band equalizer beneath the playback panel of the interface where you can load and save your presets.

You can populate your playlists loading individual files or entire folders of files, and there’s a Settings window where you can change skins (XMMS and Winamp 2.x skins support is available) and configure keyboard shortcuts. Many audio plugins can be enabled or disabled, and various parameters can be customized.

Easy-to-use Qmmp provides everything you expect in a contemporary Windows audio player from cover art and CUE sheet support to device detection and a streaming browser, MIDI support and more. It all comes in an attractive free package that is easy to install, simple to use and easy on resources.



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