Top 5 Gmail Add-ons to Increase Productivity

Gmail and Google Chrome are top-rated products used by millions of people. There are various Gmail add-ons available on the Chrome Web Store to expand Gmail’s capabilities. These extensions increase the productivity of your inbox by speeding up the attachments or setting up reminders.


Top 5 Gmail Add-ons to Increase Productivity
Name Description
Sortd You can manage your emails and tasks without switching to any other app by using Sortd.
ToDoist This extension allows you to manage your task and set reminders for each of them.
Grammarly You can use this grammar and spell-checker tool to remove all the typos and errors from your text.
Gmail Offline Read your emails and queue up a reply even when you do not have an internet connection.
WiseStamp WiseStamp allows you to create a more effective and informative email signature and you can link your social profiles as well.



By using Sortd, you can efficiently manage all your emails and tasks from within the Gmail workspace. If you are in search of a solution to clean up your inbox, this add-on is an excellent tool to use. Your inbox gets converted in a drag and drop workspace that has a completely customizable columned list. You can put your emails under different columns like ‘To Do,’ ‘Follow Up,’ etc. which allows for easy management and organization.


Get the Add-on here: Sortd



It is one of the best to-do list and task management apps available for Gmail. It allows you to set reminders by adding the tasks to the calendar so that you can keep track of your important tasks. This extension works on a project-oriented approach that helps you to organize your tasks and set priority for each of them. You can also use it for sharing tasks and discussing details.


Get the Add-on here: ToDoist



All of us make minor spelling and grammar mistakes while writing our regular emails. Grammarly is an extension that will help you to check your text and make sure that the sentence structure and spellings are error-free. Just download this add-on to your browser, and now when you write any text, it will highlight all errors.


Get the Add-on here: Grammarly


Gmail Offline:

This Gmail add-on supports offline access so that you can read, respond to, search, and archive emails without network access. Your emails are synced to the browser’s storage on your PC. All of your emails are queued up and will be automatically sent once your computer gets connected to the internet. In the offline mode, Gmail looks a bit different, but the functionality is the same as the regular mode.

Gmail Offline

Get the Add-on here: Gmail Offline



You can customize your email signature the way you like it by using WiseStamp. If you want, you can add your social profile links to the email signature. Every time you send an email with a signature you are actually promoting the desired information about yourself. It is an excellent way to promote your products or the services you provide with each email.


Get the Add-on here: WiseStamp

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