Top 5 Weather Apps for Android

Whoever said that there’s ‘an app for that’ is actually in tune with the times. Today, you can find an assortment of weather apps for Android which makes weather forecasting fun, convenient and fairly accurate.

And the good thing about these weather apps is that they can be relied upon, which is in contrast to the past where weather forecasting was an exercise in fortune-telling and random checks of the skies.

So what are exactly the best weather apps for Android out there? Before you download your next favorite app, we suggest that you check out the following top-rated weather apps for Android.


Top 5 Weather Apps for Android
Software Name Description Required Android Version
AccuWeather: Weather Forecast
Up to date forecasts, supports all Android devices including Android Wear. Varies with device
Weather Underground: Forecasts Quickly view current weather conditions, 10-day forecast. Includes status notifications for defined locations. 4.1 and up
MyRadar Weather Radar Features weather radars from any location with zoom and pan capability. 4.0.3 and up
The Weather Channel Accurate weather forecasts, extended forecasts, seasonal tools, weather alerts, and breaking news. Varies with device
Weather by WeatherBug Includes several different weather maps, local, national, and international weather information. Varies with device


AccuWeather: Weather Forecast

Free to download, AccuWeather serves as a great tool for individuals who need daily or even hourly updates of the weather. It can also provide a 15-day weather forecast which can help busy professionals plan out their travels and activities in advance.

More than the usual weather predictions, this app also packs features that let users track hurricanes, the amount of rainfall and snowfall and also provide instant alerts.


AccuWeatherDownload here: AccuWeather: Weather Forecast


Weather Underground: Forecasts

Now available in the latest version, Weather Underground provides crowd-sourced weather information that can help busy professionals and individuals. It features status notification, allowing users to check the current weather conditions in a specific area.

And speaking of current weather conditions, the app can provide the current temperature, wind speed and direction and dew point. It also comes with a 10-day forecast, including a test summary.



Download here: Weather Underground: Forecasts


MyRadar Weather Radar

For those looking for a weather app that delivers maps and information in an animated way, then MyRadar should be the best pick.

This app is also known for its easy-to-use platform – just open the application, and the location is instantly displayed together with weather animations. If you are from the United States, you can easily use its zoom functionality, allowing you to see the weather condition in a specific area.

Additional features may be enjoyed, including hurricane tracking which should prove helpful during the hurricane season.



Download here: MyRadar Weather Radar


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel boasts a personalized approach to telling the weather in a specific area. As a weather app that’s marketed for accuracy, The Weather Channel features a cognitive home screen that changes based on your location, boasts weather maps and come with both local and national forecasts.

Weather forecasts can be enjoyed hourly, or users can take advantage of the 15-day forecast. And for individuals who want more from their weather app, The Weather Channel comes with seasonal tools, including a pollen count, which should work for smartphones.



Download here: The Weather Channel


Weather by WeatherBug

The information that is carried by the Weather by WeatherBug is supplied by a network of reputable weather stations, providing accurate weather forecasts on a daily basis. Users can also count on its 10-day weather forecast and 18 weather maps when planning for trips and family activities.

Some of the popular weather maps include wind, humid, pollen, heat index, and wind chill. Aside from local weather forecasts, this app also features international weather coverage.



Download here: Weather by WeatherBug