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"Take the plunge!"

by: ken pettett

AVG Anti-Rootkit



i) easy to install and use. ii) it works.


i) The dire warning about leaving your computer unbootable may put you off ii) you can no longer get free updates

Other Thoughts:

I've had this software for some time now. I had a rootkit which Spybot detected but could not remove (even though it claimed to have done). On running the AVG software, it came up with dozens of suspect files but the warning that removing them may cause dire problems prevented me from doing it for months. I finally got the courage to remove them and, luckily, everything was fine; my computer now runs twice as fast as it used to and doesn't crash every day!

Unfortunately, Grisoft do not provide free updates on this programme - although it is apparently part of their professional suite.


"solved a rootkit problem"

by: lmophd


Other Thoughts:

I had this problem caused by a rootkit (likely) where google searches were hijacked and relinked to some bogus websites. The AVG anti-rootkit solved the problem, although it gives this message that your computer might become unbootable if you delete the file they found to likely be the rootkit. Worked in Windows Vista.

"Works on Vista"

by: Alien Ware


Other Thoughts:

Having tried rootkit revealer which crashed when i ran it,i opted to give my PC a scan with this program.Works on Vista,although it is rare to have a rookit on your computer it is worth checking .
" Excellent
AVG Antirootkit 1.1 Beta Anti-Malware Test .Com"


by: mweizor


Other Thoughts:

On 2kpro... seems fine to me... sometimes it's good if these things don't find anything, especially if you're not having any problems and have decent anti-ware. And I didn't find any "pfft" on the given links.

"Does Nothing"

by: DJaye


Other Thoughts:

I have loaded it to my machine (A100-se33) Laptop. When you click the link . . . . . .pppffft nothing

by: tran


Other Thoughts:

its very good!!

"The Vermin8tor says:"

by: The Vermin8tor


Other Thoughts:

FREE.Easy to download.Works fast.Have it on my Home PC,used it several times and haven't found a rookit yet.
Has 2 cleaning options, deep scan and scan.Try it.

"Easy and light."

by: Elf Wizard


Other Thoughts:

Its looking good!

"who knows..."

by: Fabio


Other Thoughts:

I installed and tried it but who knows if it is effective...There must be a way to test it.

Results: 1-9 of 9 Total Found