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by: lias26

SmitfraudFix 2.423




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"Mighty weapons"

by: greyowl07


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Got hit with Alpha Antivirus. Fought back with AVG, Avast pro, Spybot, Adaware, & ASC to no avail. SFF was able to deliver a blow that stunned this evil virus & allowed Superantispyware to go in & finish the job. Together, the two are one mighty weapons.

"SmitfraudFix 2.400"

by: Bolewicz


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ZoneAlarm blocks their Website... soooo

"You've been WARNED!"

by: freefaller


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Although the author 'claims' that PROCESS.EXE is harmless, I researched it on the internet first. It can be very useful - at sniffing out your bank details you might hold on your PC for instance ! If you don't believe it, Google search PROCESS.EXE ! Me, no thanks !


by: Thisnthatguy


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Talk about screwing up my changed my home page, took off my background pic, changed fonts, slowed me way down, and then I had one heck of a time getting it off my system, and as far as I know it's still buried deep.


by: Boomer


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Had a couple of customers with AV2009 and this program got rid of it in every instance so far. Sure beats formatting the hdd and reinstalling everything. Saved me a LOT of time and my customers a LOT of money. A+ program!!!

by: rgraft


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Avast reports no problems on my system with download or execution of V2.369.
This program is invaluable, particular for detection and removal of Antivirus 2008.


by: gittinsjr


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Avast wouldn't even allow me to download this and reported a WORM in the download. I think it's alright, but don't know for sure as Avast has a lot of false positives...If you can, scan it yourself. I downloaded the previous version with no problems...

by: Abhi


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I got malware and system got slow and down but this software help me and repair everything and make my xp windows like new one.Excellent software

"Fine Utility"

by: GHammer


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This will remove and repair damage from the infamous Antivirus 2007(8,9)

Results: 1-10 of 10 Total Found