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"Careful on the Install"

by: Sam

CCleaner 5.30.6063



Does a fair job of removing unnecessary files.


The install GUI has changed again. Make sure to only install features you want by clicking on the Customize text under the Install button. Also, be sure to uncheck the box (much less prominent than before) or you'll install Chrome.

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"start menu"

by: steve

CCleaner 5.21.5700



It puts itself in the start menu. If you uncheck it. It will check itself back in. I uninstalled it and reinstalled a previous version.

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by: Jack

CCleaner 5.16.5551



Well... It's still CCleaner! And, it still cleans! Sometimes!


1) Metro skin is too flat & bright 2) Annoying UPGRADE buttons added 3) Annoying Social buttons added 4) Starting to fall apart 5) No longer supports XP

Other Thoughts:

Someone should alert Piriform on their forums that they still list CCleaner as working with XP/Vista/7/8/10.

That's a lie.

4.19 is the last version to have true XP support.

5.00, 5.01, & 5.02 work in XP.

But, there are cosmetic issues.

And, 5.03 to 5.16 of CCleaner will crash XP & cause it to reboot!

Every time you try to run CCleaner!

On every XP machine I try it on!

They need to either fix XP support, or take down their label that it supports XP.

At the moment, that is a lie.

It doesn't!

It crashes XP!!!

Someone who is a member of Piriform forums, please tell them to update CCleaner & remove XP from the list of supported OS, else fix the XP crash bug they have.

It wouldn't hurt to bring back the classic skin styling of XP, either.

Maybe while they are at it, they could also eliminate all the integrated Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Etc social branding & do away with the huge upgrade buttons that just sit there looking ugly.

CCleaner used to be slim & trim, but lately it is starting to look like an overgrown GMO'd pig.

"System problem"

by: Nick

CCleaner 5.08.5308



it works okay.


It still installs in the system tray. Upon removing the system tray icon, it became buggy.

Other Thoughts:

The look is too Windows 8, which isn't a good sign because it's buggy now. Allow the user to change the skin like some programs do.

"Windows 2000"

by: Valcan

CCleaner 3.21.1767



Version 3.21.1767 doesn't sun under Windows 2000 SP4 Update 1. Please amend working systems.

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"Excellent Utility"

by: Boaz

CCleaner 3.19.1721



The best overall system cleaner. A must have to keep your system running smoothly. Best of all it's free.



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by: 3.09.1493

CCleaner 3.09.1493



Best all-around package of its ilk

Other Thoughts:

Xzilus, no, you are probably not the only one...

But there are always new versions and new appa of this -that-or-another coming out that must be adapted to.

This kind of program takes constant vigilance to keep relevant and applicable both externally and internally

Therefore, in this case, I don't mind at all the amount of updates and applaud Piriform's diligent efforts

(plus I inserted Winapp2 file in Ccleaner's folder, for added app. options)

"Great, Another Update?"

by: Xzilus

CCleaner 3.06.1433






Other Thoughts:

Am i the only person that gets sick and tired of updating anything i download? What, just can't get it right the first time...?

by: Ian

CCleaner 3.00.1303



Easy to use, esp for us non techno people. I,ve been using this for years and will not change it.



Other Thoughts:

Best bit of free ware around. if unsure, give it a try as it is free, you can always something else later


by: Sephiron


Other Thoughts:

I have been using for literally years. And its awesome. Does a great job. I really do like this program. When I am fixing other peoples computers, I use this and Argente Reg Cleaner. This does the job well.

"v- 2.28.1091"

by: mweizer


Other Thoughts:

On XP3pro
My system restores no longer show; they did at one time -- maybe I did something, but they do exist
This happened on the previous release and continues now

Ponderous, I am , but this is still a classic

"Great Program!"

by: Falcon


Other Thoughts:

I have commercial programs that are designed to do what this program does. Only this one is better. This is a must have for your computer. I should mention they update this program a lot to keep everything current, so if you turn off the automatic check for updates just be sure to check for updates yourself from time to time.

"Great program!"

by: John


Other Thoughts:

Simple, easy to use, works great!

Only negative, is that it doesn't support removing or detecting Browser Helper Objects (BHO)

Nir Sofer startup run does. BHO are annoying, because they are a startup item as well, & if CCleaner could detect BHO startup items, it would be perfect!

"Good stuff !!!!!"

by: Shifter


Other Thoughts:

a must have, light, intuitive UI, effective.


by: mohd fariduddin


Other Thoughts:

this are good for me and tq so much~~~~

"No 1 freeware"

by: Review Bob


Other Thoughts:

The last version had a bug the system restore points would not load this version rectifies the problem,as ever Ccleaner is the best free file light registry cleaner ,forget other commercial cleaners that often delete destroy the Windows registry and cause more problems than they solve.

"# 1 best free"

by: Mickelo


Other Thoughts:

Thanks Piriform for this excellent free utility program should be No 2 most popular on Freeware files behind AVG.

"Best Tools for Windows"

by: bomie


Other Thoughts:

no doubt for this software!!!!!!!!
Many2 thanks for the author.. .


"A real gem"

by: Kewad


Other Thoughts:

If Ccleaner was not free i would still buy it,does not use any system resources spyware and bloatware free can't get any better than this privacy/filecleaner.

by: karach


Other Thoughts:

icant live without it

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