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"Time to mourn the death of Eraser 5.x"

by: Alias




- Asks for elevation on Windows Vista and Windows 7 if wiping free space (was not present in previous versions) - Randomizes file names (did not do this in previous versions)


- Can take a long time to write/delete files that it created including cleaning up after it is finished - Requires the .NET framework - Useless to those who use dark themes - Much fewer configuration options - Lower stability than 5.x and older - Wastes and hogs resources - Insists on running in the background even if you are not erasing anything (and wasting resources while doing so)

Other Thoughts:

Since .NET came preinstalled with Windows 7 I decided to try it out and it was a mess. The developer says that "oh internally it is much cleaner than previous versions" and appears to ignore any negative feedback from others towards Eraser 6.x too as can be seen in forums. At least the developer is OK with free speech to some extent.

(note: I have NEVER posted in their forums and have only seen his reactions to other feedback)

Will stick with Eraser 5.x for now until such time as I find a better tool or write my own tool.


"Ver. 6"

by: woodgeezer




Nice Icon


Big and slow

Other Thoughts:

Tried Ver. 6
Went back to 5.8.8
Faster and cleaner.

"Became unusable"

by: HonestUser




Erasing process itself is good.


The new GUI of version 6 is just awful and clumsy. It makes the software virtually unusable and eats up a lot of ressources for nothing.

Other Thoughts:

If you need a good eraser software, stick with the latest stable 5.8.7 version which is lightweight and does the job just as good and better.

"Eraser - Okay, but will stay with ver 5.8.7"

by: russellnyc




Nice GUI. Expanded erasing option


Missing verify option, progress bar and other previous user preferences ??

Other Thoughts:

Looks good and like the expanded choices for erasing. But as mentioned in the Cons, missing a lot of user choices which I prefer and lets the program become another startup control hog. Uninstalled and sticking w/ version 5.8.7

"Very Dissapointing"

by: Eejit




Better control of erase method


Bloated and unnecessary controls and complexity NO indicator of progress Hidden info screen, to see what little info on what it is doing you have to drill down too far Very Dissapointing

Other Thoughts:

Where is the neat progress bar you had, now it just sits there like a dumb@$$ saying "running"

What happened to the simple interface features, bring them back, sure if you want to pander to the ubergeeks who like to click 15 times to do one thing that is OK but keep the KISS features

"A great Prog ends here"

by: LongTimeEraserFan


Other Thoughts:

Sorry to say this (your effort is appreciated)but, v.6 (relative to v5) is a disaster. Listen to the user community fellas..bloat, operation & looks. Step back, regroup, get back on the road. Good luck!

"Stick with old version"

by: Justin Greg


Other Thoughts:

Previous versions worked well. New interface confusing, no help, many bugs. The simplest tasks it seems to quit with errors. Very frustrating. Avoid like the plague

"Needs bulky .net framework"

by: alpha1


Other Thoughts:

Eraser 5.8.8 was ok.
But version 6 needs the bulky .net framework monstrosity,
so I'll stick with 5.8.8 untill I find a better replacement.

"Very poor and buggy"

by: EraserHead


Other Thoughts:

Eraser 5.8 was well designed and thought out. Worked well and did the job with minimum fuss.

Eraser 6 is a back-wards step with it's tray icon, numerous bugs (despite 2 years testing), missing "Erase After Move" function and having to do 3 steps when one was enough with the old version.

Very poor.

"I tried Eraser"

by: gwbm


Other Thoughts:

I built a list of files to erase, selected "run immediately" and pressed OK, and Ta-Raaaaaa...... nothing happened. No help is provided to explain how to use this obscure interface

"No Workie"

by: Sulla Felix


Other Thoughts:

Running XP-SP3 w/ Net Framework 3.5sp1
5.8.7 Installs and works great
5.8.8 Installs, Issues errors and doesn't run.
6.0.6 Installs, Issues errors and doesn't run.

"Doesn't Execute, stay w/ older version"

by: russell 1831


Other Thoughts:

Uninstalled version 5.87 Does not start/execute after install.Got the usual windows error messages...etc. OS is windows xp pro w/spk 3. Going back to version 5.87

"Ok if you didn't try the rest of them"

by: Pc Guy


Other Thoughts:

I tried this eraser and I am glad there is a system restore function. The program has market some windows files as redundant and you can guess what happened next. Few days later I went to the site called and found registry cleaners compared side by side. Since then, I have purchased one and I am not looking any more for any registry cleaner or eraser. I have a peace of mind.

"Still good"

by: Freeboy


Other Thoughts:

For admin account I still prefer Eraser. But as there are some problems under normal user accounts, I use Freeraser for those.

"Admin Response"

by: FreewareFiles Admin


Other Thoughts:

Users abused the system and now all reviews go to a queue prior to being posted.

The only thing we are hiding are idiotic comments posted by those who are not responsible enough to use an open review system.


by: fdsfd


Other Thoughts:

trying to see reviews,, you shouldn't have to do this first just to see the reviews, and you shouldn't have to review the reviews.. makes you wonder what you are hiding.

"bad version"



Other Thoughts:

strange!!! on my Vista home basic doesnt work. it says sth like this: "could not perform - drive need elevation - could not perform don't know exactly why"

v 5.7 works ok

"Also don't trust it"

by: stan


Other Thoughts:

If an "IT administrator" didn't notice the problems so many other users did, that speaks volumes of the IT administrator, not the other users. This is true because the Eraser author (and I use the term "author" very loosely, he's more a "maintainer", not even that) admitted to the severe bug that was mentioned, and corrected it.

I rate a "1" because I don't trust it, never will.

"Excellent program"

by: Mountaineer Fan in B


Other Thoughts:

I have been using Eraser for a number of years now. The only problem I ran into was only version 5.86 and above work with Vista. Other than that it is a great program.

"Still the best Wiping Tool"

by: Sneaky Crankbunny


Other Thoughts:

I didn't experience any of the problems some users describe in here. And I really tested it to the most extent, because I am an IT administrator and have Erase in daily usage on different machines. It works always perfect - and it's faster than all other similar tools I know. Also nice is that it gives you detailed logs of what it actually does and shows options for also deleting additional file traces (cluster tips & alternate streams), which is especially useful when you are, for example, in the situation to remove certain viruses who hide in alternate file streams. But the best thing about Eraser is that it's free!

Results: 1-20 of 46 Total Found