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"Down from 5 to 4 star"

by: Jenny

CCleaner Slim (No Toolbar) 4.19.4867



Good at cleaning trash


1) Added social icons. Open CCleaner Options/About & you are treated to social icons for liking them on facebook, twitter, google plus, and youtube. 2) Monitoring. Added feature to check when you need to clean the system. Yet another background service to check for updates, etc. And enabled by default?

Other Thoughts:

Please do not add more bloat to this. I would hate to have to switch to another program, such as glarysoft, or wise disk cleaner.

And, don't add more services running in background.

If you do have the option, let them be disabled by default, because it is annoying to always have to untick them when I set my machine up.

Thank you!!!!


"CCleaner Rating"

by: Bama


Other Thoughts:

I would be without CCleaner. I would recommend it to any and everyone I know.


by: Anith


Other Thoughts:

Never wanted to look for another program that is similar.

"Good software!"

by: Piriform


Other Thoughts:

CCleaner is a good software!!


by: Anith


Other Thoughts:

This is the best software that i have ever used for cleaning unwanted files. I recommend it. Had been using it for over 2 years now.


by: Fotzenspalt-Befrucht


Other Thoughts:

Cool software! It works so easy!

"Excellent program"

by: deebee


Other Thoughts:

Excellent,enough said!

by: Mark


Other Thoughts:

Good, but The new versions no longer work on my WinME.


by: Tweet


Other Thoughts:

I use it all of the time. I highly recommend this cleaner.

"Highly recommended"

by: commercob


Other Thoughts:

Really good, fast, easy to use program !!!!


by: Evan


Other Thoughts:

I have use this program for many years and i haven't had any problems, I'm sooooo happy that a new version is out....

"Ccleaner without the toolbar."

by: Mts


Other Thoughts:

This is a great program the Authors generosity to remove the toolbar is a +. He / She did not have to but did it anyway. Keep in mind the toolbar gives the Author some financial incentive. To keep working on the program. I did not download this version. Nor did I install the toolbar on the full version. Because I do not need / want another toolbar. Those that like Yahoo toolbar. Would probably like the included customized one. Plus a way to say Thank You.

Results: 1-12 of 12 Total Found