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"Very Nice"

by: Mike

Rainbow Folders 2.05



Easy to use


More color variation including black would be nice but really this is only minor.

Other Thoughts:

Really nice tool. Its nice to color the folders and also helps to classify groups of folders throughout your computer. Thanks



by: André N.

Rainbow Folders 2.05


Other Thoughts:

Maybe... needs an option to choose your own icons for folders. I have actually done this, by choosing the "show hidden files" option under folder option in windows explorer; then renaming a icon of my own to that of the rainbow folder icon, and then just copying and replacing the rf icon in the folder that i want to "colorize." This looks truely awesome!

"I just miss 1 thing"

by: Jan

Rainbow Folders 2.05



context-menu multiple selection multi-language-support


- color iptade in WinExplorer takes some time somtimes, but thats not a real con (I just write it because I want to but something in that field)

Other Thoughts:

I just miss the possibility to safe some colors in RF. EG I always want to juse the same green, orange blue red... but don't want to look after the right color number each time.
So if I could predefine some colors (5 or 10 would be enough) that would make RF perfect to me! (Extraction function works... but is more complicated)

"Black, please"

by: Gayle


Other Thoughts:

I know there is no black in the rainbow, but it would be nice to have this color as an option too. Otherwise, I like being able to color my file folders. It would be better if the files themselves could also be color coded, and even better if there was a list of common colors initially set-up so time wouldn't be wasted finding common colors upon the first use. For a free program, it works great! Thank you!!!


by: tardis_traveler


Other Thoughts:

This idea is so awesome! my teacher showed it to us, and I thought it was brilliant!


by: Linda


Other Thoughts:

I would love to have Black

"Should be Standard in Windows"

by: Geiler Fickschwanz


Other Thoughts:

I wonder why Windows does not have such function integrated. On Mac systems for example, this is standard. Makes work so much easier if you can visually distinguish folders. So I am thankful this little software exists.

"More Icons.... Please..."

by: David Yacobus


Other Thoughts:

This is one of my favourite software I often praise in my Filing Management classes. More Icons (cabinets, shelves, people, etc.) will be a great advantage. My students love it.

"Easy to use"

by: Connie


Other Thoughts:

I like this program, it is easy to use and you can install it on your context menu so you can right click on a folder to change the color. You can pick on 3 types of folders you may want to choose for the folder, XP, Vista or Classic.

It does not work on the Windows XP defaul folders.

I would like to see a feature added to gradiate the colors for the folder.

Right now you can make the folder one color.

"What it Says"

by: Cyndaquil


Other Thoughts:

Does exactly what it says it will. Works great. I like the color chooser better than the traditional Windows one.


by: Ascendrian


Other Thoughts:

Honestly, I use Icolor Folder before switching to rainbow folders. :)
I use RF when I teach filing management concepts...

"iColor Folder is better"

by: Muffin Eater


Other Thoughts:

This software does the same as iColor Folder. But it's not as good as iColor Folder, because the icons look not smooth - only in small icon mode. Use iColor Folder and you have a better option:

"neat and clean!"

by: Ronny Rabbit


Other Thoughts:

Love it! It's not one of those progs that run in the background to keep the changes. Once you've colorized your folders, those changes stay. Also you don't have to install the software. Just download, unpack and run it. It uses Windows' built-in method to change the folders' appearance. But it gives you fast access to it with a nice and easy to use interface.

"simple perfect"

by: sbsaylors


Other Thoughts:

this is a very nice, very small, and simple program. Great for identifying folders in directories that have tons of of them.


by: Dude


Other Thoughts:

I love it, simply great ! Problem with black background on some PCs that happened since version 2.00 was corrected in version 2.01 according to the help file.

by: winCust


Other Thoughts:

problem with background,
iColorFolder is much better


by: microsquishee


Other Thoughts:

background always turns black around the folder and does not match wallpaper scheme on the desktop. ugly.

by: Jako


Other Thoughts:


"a needed program"

by: Sam Hobson


Other Thoughts:

awesome. ive been needing to color code all my folders


by: Navanee


Other Thoughts:

This is really nice utility!!!

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