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"Doesn't look like the thumbnail on FreewareFiles"

by: compmend

Image Tuner 6.2



It does have a lot of available features and those features work extremely well.


It looks nothing like the photo on FreewareFiles, there is no active preview that shows you what the results would look like. For instance, if you want to crop a photo, you must know the X and Y coordinates of the crop, it isn't just a drag and select operation. Since you cannot even have the "preview" window open at the same time AND there is no coordinates given that I can see on the preview. You would need a totally separate program just to get the coordinates first or be very good at guessing.

Other Thoughts:

The program looks well laid out, with the exception of a missing active preview panel to show you what the results would look like and to allow you to select part of the image for editing. This is a "killer" for me and makes the application useless.


Results: 1-1 of 1 Total Found