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Other Thoughts:

Doesn't get installed and work properly...


"Superb - and it's free!"

by: Crowman


Other Thoughts:

Pencil is a traditional cel-style animation program complete with all the essential drawing tools, onion skinning etc. Exactly as you might expect, you work with layers. This also includes a sound layer, so you can animate precisely to a pre-loaded soundtrack, or you can import sounds to match a pre-drawn animation. The layers can be of 4 types - bitmap, vector, sound, camera. In almost all respects, the program is VERY intuitive and there is fairly active forum.

"Looks good, room to improve"

by: scott


Other Thoughts:

According to the author, This software was made because there was no other free one like it. So far as I know, I agree. Great intro program for 2d animators and looks it is being actively developed (which would hopefully fix the coordinate problem on the poly line - i just dont use that tool and do fine).

It didn't seem to have any installer, ran right out of the unzipped directory on my WinXP.

Also available (and originally designed) for Mac.

"Coords off"

by: elbornavatar


Other Thoughts:

When trying to draw Polyline, coords of mouse pointer way off. For example if you click ployline then click center of picture it actually is at the top left of the picture. This seems just a fancy drawing program. Didn't even bother testing the rest of it.

Results: 1-4 of 4 Total Found