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"Sigil 0.6 A worthy eBook program"

by: Al0011235813

Sigil 0.6.0



Can create (high-quality) ePub files Can validate the file with the in-built validator and the W3C CSS validator Can open HTML and TXT files as well Code view Open source


Difficult learning curve Finding Linux binaries can prove a pain No MOBI output (use Calibre for conversion)

Other Thoughts:

Sigil is a powerful tool that has a wide variety of features, including spell-checking, the ability to view (and edit) the HTML code, support for ePub and a nice GUI.
However, you will need at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to make full use of it. It also requires conversion for Amazon kindle, and you have to look for a repository for your distro. Still, it's good overall, and is progressing rapidly.

The only other thing is that it is a FORMATTING program, so actually WRITING on it isn't a very pleasant experience.


Results: 1-1 of 1 Total Found