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by: TIVO


Other Thoughts:

Great prog! Just what I was needing.
Speed is good, ease of use is good.
If ya don'tgot it; get it!


"Download and install it"

by: Prophecy


Other Thoughts:

Works easy and nice!!!

Use Firefox

" DownThemAll! 1.0.3"

by: Dean


Other Thoughts:

Great and very fast download manager....The only think what is missing is that it doesn't support torrent...THEY SHOULD ADD TORRENT SUPPORT FOR DOWNLOADING FILES AND THEN WILL BE THE BEST.....STILL GREAT STUFF

"linux too"

by: Joeres


Other Thoughts:

and available for linux!

"It's Great"

by: Deluge


Other Thoughts:

Built in download manager, so I don't have to have an external one running all the time taking up memory. And let's me choose where I want to save my files... so far, I haven't been able to figure out how to get Firefox to do that.

"so what"

by: rev


Other Thoughts:

Why everybody gets so crazy about download managers, get Opera and forget about downloading problems(by the way it was the firts to have a sensible download manager incorporated).

"OK, but as always for freeware, overrated"

by: x


Other Thoughts:

Quite simply, it can't retry downloads; so if you have a timeout or some other connection or server failure, you'll have to deal with it manually. If you think this is acceptable in a "download manager", then really, you have some, ummm, downloading to do (as in: real download manager software).


by: Baloney


Other Thoughts:

Gorgeous, fantastic, awesome... anyhow, that's the idea! DownThemAll! is a true efficient (very), beautiful (doesn't hurt), Firfox dedicated download manager. Either it be one file, or many, by type or embedded links, this little gem is a thunder! This extension is a must in my opinion. Really *very* well done.

Results: 1-8 of 8 Total Found