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"Not able to make comments on songs"

by: Peter Ssetumba

Mixxx 2.2.3



Not as good as the previous versions


Not as good as previous versions

Other Thoughts:

This is not good for computer DJs without DJ Consoles


by: db303

Mixxx 1.10.0


Other Thoughts:

Latest version 1.10 is awesome! included adjustable beat grid & phase sync!


by: QHoT


Other Thoughts:

Thanks to the author of this software. Having a lot of fun with this one.

"Mixxx 1.7.0 Beta 1"

by: DM


Other Thoughts:

Mixxx 1.7.0 Beta 1 = best version so far. BPM detection improved, "auto-recall" cue added, interface is a little smoother.

BTW I recommend using the nCut skin - the mixes sounds better with it :P

"BPM detection not accurate enough"

by: AB 25


Other Thoughts:

1. BPM detection not accurate enough - use Mixmeister BPM Analyzer or Jackson 1.34 (both free) to analyze your tracks BPM and enter them manually, otherwise you won't be able to mix properly.
2. The Sync function should be snapped to beat - like in Traktor.
3. There are serious sound problems with this thing.

Overall Mixxx still needs alot of improvements - but it's free and open-source so i won't rate it too low.
3/5 from me.

"Mixxx 1.6.0 is here"

by: Jeff 909


Other Thoughts:

Mixxx 1.6.0 is here: no longer in beta - and with big improvements and a much nicer skin :)
Like someone in another forum had said: "Playing other people's music and getting paid for it has never been easier!"
Still needs to improve the BPM detection algorithm, thought...

"Not bad!"

by: Leon


Other Thoughts:

It's not Virtual DJ or Traktor but it's a nice free open source alternative, so thumbs up!

"Can be good - in the future"

by: JD-3


Other Thoughts:

It's an open source and keeps evolving all the time - that's the good stuff. But right now it's not stable enough, the sound sometimes glitches, the pitch control is bad, and the automix isn't accurate at all. I gave it 4/5 because of the good intentions to make an open source alternative to VirtualDJ and the likes. If you want to try a much better (IMO) freebie dj application i'll suggest you to google for "Jackson DJ Software" - it's a different approach than the tradional emulation of 2 decks & a mixer and requires some learning, but it's worth it IMO.


by: rahul


Other Thoughts:


"Execelent software"

by: rdee


Other Thoughts:

This software is really cool, furthermore new feature are coming:
new style (a white on black one)
new playlist
port to qt4
new equalisation and better sound quality
support for serato and final scratch

great software!

"best free"

by: jeus


Other Thoughts:

I found no freeware DJ programs, except this, and worked with it for a week.
Sure it works, but it could have a nicer interface and be more friendly in usability.
It is still far from relative commercial products. I hope for an improvement.
Why not give it a try!

Results: 1-11 of 11 Total Found