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by: Maricruz

DVD Slideshow GUI



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Other Thoughts:



"minor bugs but works fine"

by: Henry


Other Thoughts:

In my first trial, I imported 43 photos in one pass, and an error message pops up "Can't perform inequality test..." which is obviously meant for the programmer and not the user. Then I retried by importing 15 photos at a time until all photos are imported. That works fine.
Another anomaly is that the photos imported are arranged randomly. You have to manually arrange them, or simply sort them by filename.
Then I could insert music, config duration, and finally succeeded in exporting the project as mpg file. The mpg file can be burnt as Video DVD.
Overall comment is that it is still a good piece of software.

"Got Time?"

by: ThisBoy


Other Thoughts:

I am working on a fast computer. This is likely okay if you have up to 50 slides to produce. The music you put with it may or may not work.

Building a bigger slide show? There are some free programs and some very inexpensive software to save you time, frustration and screaming at the computer.


by: merrick


Other Thoughts:

I first installed this on my laptop, 1 GB ram, 2.8 GHz, Windows XP Pro SP3. Wouldn't run. Then I installed it on a new desktop, 8 GB ram, Core 2 Quad processor, Windows 7. Worked a little better, but the preview either didn't work or I was doing something wrong. It would start, but just keep the same slide unless you hit the fast forward button. Even then it didn't show any transitions. To be fair it does not say that it will work on Windows 7, but I really couldn't see much difference.
I am going to try the update though and see if it will work any better. I really hope it will because I think I'd really like the program. That is if I could get it to work as good as it seems to on its web site.

"Crash Crash Crash"

by: Mike


Other Thoughts:

I wanted to like this program because it looks good in theory but in practice it uses all the resources on my computer, crashes or feezes consistently and just wastes your time


by: Sailor-Jo


Other Thoughts:

I downloaded the program because Nero 7 has a limit of 99 pictures and my latest photo spree produced more than 600 photos. The installation is complex but it worked though I may have installed unneeded stuff. One thing I do not like in most programs (including this) is that they install components of which versions already exist without notification. That way I may install an older version over a newer one.

When I imported my pictures for a slide show it took forever and was using up all resources. It even made Firefox crash. After importing the pictures a media player was invoked that crashed. I tried another media player but that did not get the stream of pictures to display. It just sat there. Besides, some of my pictures were not exported without notification. This is a common mistake by programmers. The program can figure out what goes wrong and report which file has a specific problem. Sloppy programming.

I will delete the program and try another one. The program may work for others and that is why I gave a rating of 2.

"Little Gem"

by: Charles


Other Thoughts:

I'm a slideshow enthusiast and have used most of the major commercial programs. My favourite workhorse is ProShow Producer.
DVD Slideshow GUI 0916 is a TERRIFIC program which is BETTER than some costly,commercial ones. It still needs a bit of "finishing" but, overall, it is very impressive (not for beginners though).

"Crashed Repeatedly"

by: Aethel


Other Thoughts:

Of 10 attempts I only managed to get 2 working slideshows exported to mpg and for some reason the music has been downmixed to mono - for me, negating the whole exercise.It often crashes or freezes, and rearranging the slides' order of play can take an absolute age -no drag n drop here, nor can I see how to randomize the running order. Another annoyance is that you can't (well I csn't anyhow!) choose the size of each individual picture; if the original was ,say, passport sized then that is what you get in the show.

Pity because the transitions are rather good and plentiful,there are some nice touches such as the avisynth integration + numerous pre/post processing effects - so overall it does actually show quite some promise.

(XPsp2,Intel Core 2 Quad x 2400 GHz, 4gig RAM, No frequent crashing with other apps)

"wow excellant"

by: brij patel


Other Thoughts:

good softwar and which helped me a my friends also



Other Thoughts:

Nice program. I like it a lot!


by: roberto


Other Thoughts:

It's a waste of time to download this programm.


by: Zack


Other Thoughts:

I find it very simple to use. Set you format Pal/Ntsc 16:9/4:3 under Presets. Import the photos. Right click on slides to change transitions, subtitle and timing. And hit burn.

That's it. What's difficult about that?

On top of this simplicity you can actually do some very advanced stuff like effects, motion backgrounds and export to many different formats.


by: KDW


Other Thoughts:

Clumsy and not real intuitive. I'm PC literate but I couldn't figure out how to create a simple slideshow with basic soundtrack audio underneath with this product in 10 minutes or so. I've used a number of others, so the concepts aren't new. Perhaps a lack of knowledge or patience on my part, but I gave up on this one fairly quickly.


by: chester


Other Thoughts:

This software is clean. I just downloaded and tested it as well.

"Trojan Horse included!"

by: Sacha


Other Thoughts:

I downloaded this program and my virus software identified a trojan horse in it.

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