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BullZip PDF Printer


Other Thoughts:

try tinypdf... or primo, nitro... all r good pdf programmes...


"Best PDF printer"

by: Freewarelover


Other Thoughts:

I compared many PDF printers out there. This is the best I could find. It's very good and easy to use.


by: Casper


Other Thoughts:

Wotks great but if only I could specify the merge document path & name programmatically.


by: mary-jane


Other Thoughts:

Just what I was looking for! I also tried other free pdf printers. But this one is definitely the most powerful and convenient solution. And the best thing about it is that it's free from ads, nags or whatsoever. It's really free!


by: Calcatian


Other Thoughts:

I would use another freeware doPDF rather with does not reply on another external DL (Ghostcript). This however is a good project though and can be really apealing if it had some extra features like PDF editing or features like HTMLDoc. If u can afford then pay for Adobe Flashpaper which is a better solution in many ways and way better than even AAdobe Acrobat or ANY other printer based PDF creation tool IMO.


by: Jeus


Other Thoughts:

but I prefer PDF Creator. Try to make a huge document and see the difference.


by: Smoochy


Other Thoughts:

I have tried and compared all popular freeware PDF printers, e.g. CutePDF, doPDF or PDFCreator. BullZip was the best among them. Since version 4 it has become really superb. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features, including password protection of the PDF files. Before switching to BullZip I was using PDFCreator. But PDFCreator is not so neat and usable as BullZip, although it's open source. If you want to have a PDF printer for free, with no limitations, no nag screens, no spy- or adware, with good usability, a lot of features, then I recommend BullZip.

"The Best"

by: y0himba


Other Thoughts:

I have been using this for months now, and i have to say it's the best. convenient and with a ton of necessary options, this makes professional PDFs easily.


by: j.jenkins


Other Thoughts:

it's ok, i guess. i personally like cute pfd better though. much easier.

"PDF the easy way"

by: LZO


Other Thoughts:

Just a great helper for PDF users!

"Great program!"



Other Thoughts:

It makes PDF's and does it any size I need. It is a great package. If you looking for a good PDF maker this is one for you.

"BullZip PDF Printer"

by: al


Other Thoughts:

Do not select "Print to file" option on the Print window. It will asking you where you want to save the pdf file.


by: Torben


Other Thoughts:

Works as wanted, can merge other PDF's and protect the file. Very good

"Does the job!"

by: graeme


Other Thoughts:

Hey Frank - did you remember to download/install Ghostscript 8.15?

"File can not be downloaded"

by: Frank


Other Thoughts:

This file can not be downloaded. Maybe the author decided to make it SHAREWARE!!!!

"I cant download this program"

by: Bob


Other Thoughts:

I cant download this program, after several tries. I have also tried to download it from SNAPFILES.COM with the same result.

Please fix the problem!!

"You Cant Download ThisProgram"

by: Tiny Tim


Other Thoughts:

I have tried severalties to download this program, and it states the urlcan not be found. Why list it without checking onwhether or not you can download it?????

"Bull Zip"

by: Eric


Other Thoughts:

A very good utility especially for thise who want to print off forms in PDF, of corse it would be better if you could fill in the blank forms and then print them, but ya can't have everything.

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