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by: Fred Kater

EssentialPIM Free Edition 4.24



Fast working, user friendly, very complete


Maybe for week and monthly planner a better overview and a little more showing of details. Furthermore it's possible to expand the text. More!

Other Thoughts:


"Great FreeWare"

by: slm


Other Thoughts:

I downloaded this to my netbook to load my contacts from business Outlook. Great import, great software. Easy to use. Very detailed as well.

"Dissapointed in Update"

by: BMG


Other Thoughts:

I will start this by saying I have been happily using EssentialPIM for about 2 years, on both my desktop and laptop computers. That is until version 3.54 came out. I am thoroughly disappointed in this new version. It crashed on me as soon as I launched it after installation and has not run properly since. I can not successfully switch between my note and my todo list without the program taking a snooze.

I do not use the program for email I have Thunderbird for that.

EssentailPIM sadly you have lost a user. Time to look for a new PIM!

"To jodulus"

by: anonymous


Other Thoughts:

this program does not have any bugs in email client or anything and computer engineer doesn't mean you know what is a bug or what is problem with email service u trying to send email to i have taken network admin so i should know this and have used this for about 2 yrs now no problems in email

by: Joeres


Other Thoughts:

QUOTE " "bugs"

I am a computer engineer, should now what a bug is by now!
Still it is rather a good program, but i will not use it anymore - say fair! 2 points

"Works Great NO "bugs""

by: person


Other Thoughts:

QUOTE " "bugs"

The e-mail part of the program is not bug-free, it hangs my computer, therefor I deinstalled it. I'm sorry for that, because without the bugs it would be a very good program.

by: Jodokus"

NO the email section does not have bugs. Just coz a program stuffs up on your computer does not mean it is at fault. 1. you may not know how to set up your mail servers etc properly.
2. Your computer may have a setting wrong etc.
3. You may need to buy a new computer coz yours is ancient.

I have to deal with people saying thier computer or some software is the problem when usually it is the user everyday.

So how many computers did you try the email clent on before yo came to the conclusion there was a so called bug?

Please learn the difference between a bug and a user/computer error

This program is working great for me even the mail of which I recieved 57 complete and ready to read. Exactly what I was looking for to help organise my day.

I highly recomend this program. It is well thought out with lots of features. Each section has all the categories etc I wanted and more.

"lock up"

by: woodgeezer


Other Thoughts:

I paid for the Pro version, but the second update 3.22 locked up on exit.
Access Error. Contacted support and was
asked to send them my database. NO
I did not pay for a Bata. I wanted a working program


by: Jodokus


Other Thoughts:

The e-mail part of the program is not bug-free, it hangs my computer, therefor I deinstalled it. I'm sorry for that, because without the bugs it would be a very good program.


by: Anith


Other Thoughts:

Was searching for a good software like this. Takes care of all my needs. Wish I could have a linux version of this software.

"Pleasure to Use"

by: Aswani


Other Thoughts:

I think it is one of the best programs I've ever seen. Really nice interface and highly user friendly. Must try this one..


by: Lewis McAlexander


Other Thoughts:

I have used this since the first and it is great and now I have the PRO vision and I think this is the best on the market.


by: Mighty Mouse


Other Thoughts:

This Really Is A Nice PIM. I Have Tried Out A Lot of These Pims,And Believe Me This One Beats Them All.Has Everything I Need.Even Password Protect,So No Prying Eyes Can Snoop Into Your Privacy. Will Recommend If Anyone Should Ask For A Free Pim.

"Essential PIM"

by: Susan


Other Thoughts:

I love the program. It's so easy to use and does so much. wouldn't use anything else. I'd recommend it definately.

"EssentialPIM Free Edition 2.52"

by: uk


Other Thoughts:

realy excellent!!
recommended 1000 times over and over again

"Essential PIM"

by: Sue


Other Thoughts:

excellent program. I love it. use it all the time. wouldn't be without it.

Results: 1-15 of 45 Total Found

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