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by: myremedy

EssentialPIM Free Portable 5.8.1



EPim really needs the functionality to dial contacts from within the program.

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by: Ramon del Gallego

EssentialPIM Free Portable 5.56



My anti-virus program, AVG version 2013.0.3392, classifies this as malware.

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by: abss

EssentialPIM Free Portable 3.74



This software is better than outlook,Windows live, etc.

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by: Anith

EssentialPIM Free Portable 3.7.2



All my personal needs answered.

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Suggested to friends.

"Great PIM"

by: MulyMoose


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Simply the best! You won't find a better free PIM - gauranteed. Awesome support as well.

"Best PIM Ever using it for Years"

by: Hushang


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Greatest and simplest PIM Prog; Nothing Better Guaranteed.
Great support. No Errors ! I hope they create a windows system now to replace MS.

"Excelent application."

by: EssentialPIM-User


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I am using EssentialPIM Free Portable for a year and I did not find any bug/mistake/weakness. This is a solid-rock application. Highly recommended.
I have only one non critical suggestion - more input/output formats for data export/import. Sometime it is hard to move data from EssentialPIM to other PIM.
Thank you for the EssentialPIM!

"calendar yes, information manager no"

by: I'm me - really


Other Thoughts:

Downloaded v3.12 portable version. Every time it starts up it wants to write registry keys to "HKLMSOFTWAREClassesCLSID{FE72F4EB-6D0C-425F-A25D-6AE756B87047}" What part of portable do they not get?

Maybe because I refused it permission to write to the registry, maybe a program limitation, but the program acts like you can drag and drop in url links, but they do nothing when you drop them in. Cannot import PDF's, DOC's etc, only jpgs. I could create tables, but if the data is already in an spreadsheet, you have to copy and paste it in. Pasting into a table does not format the way you would want.

This may be great for some, but it does not do what I need

"Most complete"

by: Ed


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Really the most complete tool I've seen and tried. Thanks for the great work!

"Good Prog"

by: Darth Yoshi


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You can't go wrong with this program, espeically since it is free!


by: will


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This is a great app. Way faster than outlook too....2 thumbs up on this one!

"Excellent PIM"

by: WVU fan in Baltimore


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I have used this PIM for a while now and I love it. I install it on my pen drive so I can use it on any PC. Great software!

by: freewarejunkie


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go with Sunbird portable better and always free


by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

Used to be excellent.

A few versions back, they had a nice clock in addition to the calendar function, & it was not riddled with ads for the upgradeable version.

In addition, it was cleaner, easier to use, less cluttered. The new versions have somehow managed to get less easy to use, jumbled together, less features.

While I realize companies want to make money, by crippling and stripping their freeware versions of critical features while adding large ads is not the way to do it.

It gives people a negative feeling about what the payware version is going to be like.

People judge from the freeware ones, the quality of the shareware.

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