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"Workaround for IOException on Vista and Windows 7"

by: SCC

Money on Thread 1.4.1


Other Thoughts:

*** ISSUE on VISTA and WIN7 ::

- I downloaded the program but I couldn't save any of my info. every time I would exit the program it would delete everything I had done..


- Vista and Windows 7 have security check for the applications that save data into the "Program Files" folder /// such program is Money on Thread too. So to avoid the IOException error at saving you have to launch the application to "run as administrator" ... until I'll move the data file to the user folder :) in the next version.

- Other solution is to install the application Money on Thread into a folder where you have rights to write (ignoring the default path that points to Program File, put it for example on Desktop).


by: Anonymous


Other Thoughts:

Good a simple, but I am still not able to import Quiken files so I cannot test the program until this is possible. Will try to download the executable and see if maybe it works differently after installing it. Will also try to import from Money files.

"good tool, simple and user friendly"

by: kukulika


Other Thoughts:

I gave a try to this soft, it's indeed simple, quite enough for the regular guys.


Results: 1-3 of 3 Total Found