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by: Davo

Wise Care 365 Free 4.56.431



Wants to delete windows installer cache- MS says this is a big NO Doesn't let you see what it wants to delete Will remove!

Other Thoughts:


"Tweaking tool"

by: Jimmyt

Wise Care 365 Free 4.53.426



The best tweaking tool that has came down the pike yet. I have it on 3 PC,s. Its really all you need for Windows OS.



Other Thoughts:

Great system.

"New added feature is perfect!"

by: sara

Wise Care 365 Free 4.17.403



There is a new added feature when I updated last time, which can prevent any unwanted new application from adding into the windows startup, really good.


That will be good if it can add anti-virus features.

Other Thoughts:

Never make my PC run slow.

"Direct Download Links"

by: Admin

Wise Care 365 Free 2.94.239


Other Thoughts:

Please use the "Direct Download 1" or "FreewareFiles Direct Download" link rather than the ad-supported download manager.

Direct Download link:

The ad-supported download manager includes 3rd party software that does not need to be installed in order to download the software. All offers can be declined and the download manager will proceed to download the software.

We list direct download links for all software listed on our website and the download manager is optional.

by: Carrick

Wise Care 365 Free 2.94.239



Cleaned some files


Installs pop ups

Other Thoughts:

Was surprised when it installed pop up showing the local weather especially when I did not ask it to run at start up.

"Can't grumble when its free."

by: Stuart

Wise Care 365 Free 2.93.237



Good options and not much restricted, great at gutting out junk files, variable settings on some features.


Interface a little cluttered.

Other Thoughts:

I like Wise programs so I had to try the all in one solution, basically its their most popular utilities all rolled into one program. There are tons of these programs on offer but this one has the best balance in terms of getting most features and not nagging the hell out of you.

To cbour, do you not mean the disk cleaner freed half a gig after you ran it? It takes away all the crap Microsoft leave behind with updates and if you checked the boxes for "help files etc" , then half a gig sounds about right.

Although I would recommend this program I still like having them as individual programs, you can also get them as portable versions and they are simple, a bit like me....


by: mweizer

Wise Care 365 Free 2.86.230



Not a wower but good functionality aand well crafted Maybe I missed it before but the main "Check up Now" button window has a "Custom Checkup" (bottom-right corner) that has the scannable options -- good shortcut (though some of the modules have even more options within the utility) Anyway, just select "detail" and tiny triangles to review -- has check/uncheck for every item Go to settings if/to turn off its autos, etc. ...


As I said before, in Tuneup, the optimizer should indicate what I have set and/or what the proposed setting will be And, to a lesser extent, the cleaner should indicate the individual size of each item (subcategory total good not great) The updates should be put here thought it is unusually easy to find the updates on their site even if , presently, it is one model behind.

Other Thoughts:

And , Finally, as to cbour -- previous poster
1) perhaps you were beside yourself with anger but the way you panned this offering , I think you meant to give it 1 star not 5.

2)Your assertion that this leaves 500mb of crap is absurd. Just the program is 25.6mb (program folder) and ~200kb doc.and setting folder. Even if you downloaded all 6 apps under Utilities those would be under 50mb. Even additional free downloads on their site don't come close to hundreds of mb.

I uninstalled, as I did with the 2.83, from their uninstaller -> the two folders where gone and with a dual method registry scan, I found 18 registry entries -- none actionable just references


by: cbour

Wise Care 365 Free 2.84.226





leaves your hard drive with a half a gig of extra crap when unistalling

Other Thoughts:


"wise care 365"

by: 03sunil03

Wise Care 365 Free 2.83.225


Other Thoughts:

i would like to prefer this software cuz i have used and still using it ,The scanning speed of Wise Care 365 is twice as fast as CCleaner's, as well as Advanced System Care Pro 5

"v- 2.66.208"

by: mweizer

Wise Care 365 Free 2.66.208



What I liked: Advanced Cleaner- nothing novel, it's just a good app. On its UI, on the bottom right , in wee lettering is "advanced setting". There you can find an array of file extensions options to look for. I usually pick one , two or a few to lessen the clutter. The results all have check boxes and it allows user to reselect > rescan as much as you want. Registry Cleaner (advanced setting)


The Pc Checkup one click wonder automatically check marks everything it finds (it does not delete/change anything, yet, and you have to go into modules to expand /retract what it looks for -- it will remember). Generally, not a problem; however, its Tuneup system optimization should not be one of them (nor services) Sure, go ahead and list them but... It found 8 for me, I chose to try 3. Like too many of these opzers, it did not say what I have set currently and/or what the change will be. I couldn't find a log and its Help was useless.

Other Thoughts:

-I always go to settings first
-The Turbo Weekly is a program that is auto scheduled to run junk cleaner.
-Boot UP Booster times your boot, offers speed up suggestions -- like Tune Up, validate -- apps and services can be a personal choice/circumstance.
-Pc Checkup will ask you if you want to backup before it actuates selected -- options are: system restore point or registry.
-Utilities module -> apps need to be downloaded
>auto shut down, data recover, folder hide, game boost, jet (file) search, memory optimizer and program uninstaller.

Installed size ~24.5mb
Launches via Scheduled Tasks -- tray icon
Running process: Wisetray.exe
It uninstalls/cleans up after itself well (not even any empty folders, only handful of registry entries).

Overall, I'd give it like an ehh+ or an ohh minus
like a 3.5-maybe-4.

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