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"Lack Registry Info"

by: Henry

ZSoft Uninstaller 2.5



It shows a lot of info about a program before you decide to uninstall it, by right-clicking it.


Lack of Registry info about the program.

Other Thoughts:

Revo Uninstaller shows Registry info about a program. So, I use both Revo and ZSoft to complement each other.



by: skrell

ZSoft Uninstaller 2.5



I love this uninstaller! There is nothing quite like it for free!!

Other Thoughts:


"Zsoft UNinstaller"

by: Rainbird


Other Thoughts:

This program is easy to use. Very thorough and effective. Nice features and uses few resources. Just what I needed.

"Works 99% of the time"

by: Hans Henrik


Other Thoughts:

As long as the install-analyser is used, this program works where programs such as Your Uninstaller 2008 or Revo Uninstaller fails, for example with Emule or Shareaza, where the built-in uninstaller fails, Revo Uninstaller fails, YF2008 fails, to delete the "temp folder for download", ZSoft had no problems (-:

"Very easy to use"

by: MikeRight


Other Thoughts:

Wow, Zsoft is the easiest and best program to use to uninstall software. Select the program you want to uninstall, right-click, and select "uninstall".

Can't get much easier, novice or not...

"Not for the Novice"

by: MichelleBelle


Other Thoughts:

Program not easy to use, if you're looking for something to uninstall easily, this is not it.

"NOthing beats it....."

by: Makeshift The Record


Other Thoughts:

In my business I download so many software programs and updates for them , its hard to delete evrything from add/remove without leaving hidden files etc. NOw that I installed this program those files can't hide from me any more!!
Don't read anymore reviews Just Download ZSoft Uninstaller!
This program TRULY DELIVERS!!

Gerald "Fohkus" Good, Jr.


by: aku46


Other Thoughts:

i dont know how to rate an uninstaller software. i've tried some software but i cant see many difference.

"v- 2.4.1"

by: mweizor


Other Thoughts:

What operating systems can ZSoft Uninstaller be used on?
I have only tested it on Windows XP, but I have had reports on it working in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista as well.

That's from the FAQ from the author.

On this 2kpro and of the several programs I've tried it on, it seems to work quite well !
Simply review the short help file and it'll become like second nature.

Says it'll delete later what it can't at the moment , when Zsoft is reopened.. is this a silent action (i.e., no display) and what if one deleted the log file (the name one gave the post-scan).. does it/can it still do ensuing deletion attempts?


by: Ian


Other Thoughts:

I've tried all the various uninstaller and Zsoft uninstaller sits at the top of the heap.


by: acs92003


Other Thoughts:

Easy to use and the uninstall function works well too.

Cheers :)

"Very good"

by: deebe


Other Thoughts:

1 minute to do a snapshot, install program, don't like program, uninstall it completely, registry entries included, with Z Soft Uninstaller. Works very well. 5 stars.

"very good - i agree"

by: joeres


Other Thoughts:

best uninstaller for me

"Version 2.4 - Very Good"

by: Quissol


Other Thoughts:

The latest version 2.4 has a real improvement: now we can see programs'icons, a interface enhanced, tab's background customized, we can edit analyze feature.

"ZSoft Uninstaller 2.4 is junk"

by: Todd Daigneault


Other Thoughts:

The program went beserk on me---also deleting system files needed to run my computer! I had to pay 85 dollars to have my computer repaired! I will never use it again!

"Incredibly Sweet!"

by: EggYolk


Other Thoughts:

I have been using this program since. The best and the fastest, and glich free. Try it and youll see!!!


by: joeres


Other Thoughts:

! my uninstaller - tried to switch - was not a succes - back on the nest almost immidiatelly

Everyone makes mistakes

"Hope Notes"

by: Kun_Zero )))


Other Thoughts:

Its good free software!coy,...
I Hope new updets with more complete can release In future. tHANX yOU
' '
L :"


by: fireryone


Other Thoughts:

A MUST have program for anyone who installs multitudes of programs and then uninstalls them leaving remnants everywhere.

"very fast and handy"

by: VictorL


Other Thoughts:

good job.

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