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by: Admin

DSpeech 1.57.2


Other Thoughts:

You can download translation packs for the interface and multi-language voices from the developer's site.


"English only"

by: Henry

DSpeech 1.57.2



It is portable.


1. Can only speak English. All other language text are shown as gibberish. 2. Spoken robotically. 3. Highlighting of text moves while speaking, but the highlighted text is not that currently spoken.

Other Thoughts:


"not as advertized"

by: mike


Other Thoughts:

very little documentation, can not figure out how to save to mp3 file

"Extremely useful program"

by: Jim Daly


Other Thoughts:

I work in a college and this program helps a number of students with their work. I use it myself to 'podcast' documents which I listen to on the car journey home. It is packed full of useful features and always behaves itself. Dimio, you are a great man.

"about DSpeech 1.55.3"

by: Ligia


Other Thoughts:

Merci beacoup!!
It's very, very good with my Win Xp!
It helps me to improve my English.

Ligia- Montreal, Quebec


by: someone


Other Thoughts:

Acording to TrendMicro 8.950.0.1092 2009.05.12 picked up a PAK_Generic.001 virus and eSafe 2009.05.12 said it was aSuspicious File so i'm not going to open it but delete it from my computer.

"it's very good!!!!"

by: snodig


Other Thoughts:

it's very good!!!!!

"Small Footprint"

by: Free Hugs


Other Thoughts:

surprisingly this is the only text to speech program that does not require admin rights on windows XP. It's simple and easy to use, it must be efficiently programmed because it loads and runs quite quickly. Excellent choice for a basic TTS program

"DSpeech 1.55.1 - Rocks!!"

by: Mari Dzata


Other Thoughts:

Friend, Romans, ITmen lend me your your screens. This freeware really rocks. I have been in search of a decent text to speech to convert my notes to speech so I can listen on my way to work (3 hr round journey daily - yes I am a bit sad - but good job). This Freeware rocks real good. You can even spool out the text to MP3 or WAV with two clicks!!

"Good stuff"

by: guitarzxt


Other Thoughts:

I like that this program tries to use the speech recognition stuff with windows, which actually isn't half bad.
I like this software because it reads things in a non annoying voice and it has an option to edit out useless returns so it doesn't pause at the end of every line.

"hearing voices"

by: frenchy69


Other Thoughts:

now my shrink has to beleive me when im telling her i hear voices and its not in my head PLEASE NO MORE PILLS DOC!!

"Better than talking to the wall!"

by: your name


Other Thoughts:

I used to talk to the wall. Now I have a program that talks back to me when I type anything. It says what I type and builds my self esteem. "You are charming"
"You are more than good looking"
"My Mommy says I'm special as well as all the hot chicks"

"very good"

by: alih


Other Thoughts:

Thanks a lot


by: alex


Other Thoughts:

Easy to use!!!!!wondeful work

"Unbelievable - Is it free?"

by: Sexy Lexy


Other Thoughts:

Dude have tried this out and works perfectly to my satisfaction. Its seriously the best one available on this site. Try it out!


by: jimsmith


Other Thoughts:

I don't know how Dimio packed all these features into this small program - an excellent job. Dimio, the Get Clipboard control does not reset after the contents are read. Easily remedied by sending another alt-G while DSpeech has focus.


by: Baloney


Other Thoughts:

I already use DSpeech version 1.49, I'm downloading this new 1.50 with the pleasure of knowing I'm doing the right thing :) - Btw, this is a smart and well done alternative if you already has the voices, some of which are most of the time already on your computer (DSpeech finds them all by itself, no problem!)

"Looks Nice But...."

by: Rodger


Other Thoughts:

Cannot see all the buttons on 800x600 resolution and cannot resize it!

Results: 1-18 of 18 Total Found