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"Great paper saver"

by: gittinsjr

GreenCloud Printer



This allows me to not print blank pages and pages I don't really want to print when I print from a web page. It will also allow me to print two or more pages on only one page. Although this makes the print very small, in certain situations it works well.


You have to register it after so many days, but since the registration is free it's really no big deal.

Other Thoughts:

I don't prefer to set this as my default printer interface because often I just want to print and get on with what I was doing. This app does slow you down a little bit because you need to press print when you first ask your main app to print, then print again after GreenCloud does its thing. But, because you can decide to leave your normal printer interface as default and then choose GreenCloud when you need it, it works out just fine. It has updated twice since I first installed it, so I know the developer is trying to keep it working well. Great program!


Results: 1-1 of 1 Total Found