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If you want a full-featured Web browser that performs even faster than its lightweight counterparts, then Mozilla Firefox is your ideal choice. The browser is flexible and allows you to customize it to suit your preferences. Its re-designed user interface gives you a large viewing area while making it easy to access its various features from the upper right corner.


  • Enhanced security and privacy settings
  • Live bookmarks
  • Plugins
  • Extensions
  • Themes

Mozilla Firefox is so flexible that you can not only remove what you do not want but also place what you want almost anywhere. The “Customize” panel allows you to easily add, remove or move buttons. You can make it easy to access the features you use most often.

The Sync feature lets you access your passwords, bookmarks and history from multiple devices irrespective of your location. Tabbed browsing lets you open multiple pages in one window, and switching between the tabs is easy and fast.

The browser includes several features designed to enhance your security and privacy. The Lightbeam add-on enables you to see those trying to watch you online, and turning on private browsing ensures others will not see your browsing history. Many websites collect information about you as you browse the Internet, but Firefox includes a “Do Not Track” feature that lets you decide how you would like to share your information, that is if you want to share any information at all.

You can also add a multitude of extensions to increase the functionality of your browser.

These great features would mean little if the browser´s speed frustrated you. Thankfully, the latest Mozilla Firefox is also the fastest so far. It beats other popular browsers at accomplishing everyday tasks and technical benchmarks. A recent independent test dubbed it as the “Speed King,” as it outperformed the other browsers. You can even use the browser to play online games smoothly and without affecting the overall performance of your computer.

Download the Stable version: Mozilla Firefox 37.0.1

FreewareFiles Clean Award FreewareFiles tested Mozilla Firefox 38.0 Beta 5 / 37.0.1 on 2015-04-17 using leading antivirus scanners and found it 100% Clean.

User Reviews
"Good, but needs work"

Reviewer: -Steven    Review Date: 2015-03-18
Average Rating (748 Votes )
Pros:  Smoother youtube videos than Chrome

Cons:  Nearly everything else.

Other Thoughts:  After extensively testing around 30 different web browsers, I have had to come to the conclusion that if you want a web browser that just works, and it works fast right out of the box, better use Chrome.

Many PC's have no 3D while using Firefox, because of their driver blacklist.

Chrome on the same machines, may do 60 fps vs 5 fps on MS fishbowl test.

Chrome also has Firefox beat on the MS Maze solver. 24 seconds vs 104 for Firefox.

If your using any kind of netbook, laptop, desktop, chances are that Chrome will work faster than Firefox. A LOT faster. Because the only 3D that works on your box, is the machines that Firefox decides you have a 3D they will allow. They have a wiki about their driver blacklist.

If you don't want to waste time on the web, get Chrome. Don't waste time with Firefox. I would recommend Firefox, if they fix their 3D, but I have seen so many machines with no 3D support, and all because Firefox decides who will have it on their machine via driver blacklist.

The difference is like night and day. And it isn't just 3D.

Chrome is also sometimes 4x to 10x faster than Firefox on CSS3 or other variables on the web.

About the only test Firefox wins on the machines I tried, is having prettier video playback. But not by much.

Chrome is close. It still looks good.

I would have to say that Chrome is the best browser to use, because out of the box, all the settings just work. Out of the box, it is fast. The interface has been tweaked to as simple as possible without leaving out important things.

If you have a netbook, low-powered laptop, slow running PC, I challenge you to try Chrome vs Firefox & be amazed.

The reason I tested so much, is I wanted to see what browser is the fastest because I have a netbook that would slow down when I am using Facebook to talk to someone.

It would also sometimes happen that I type about a paragraph ahead of Firefox's ability to keep up with me & I would have to stop and wait.

Laggy. Sometimes Firefox would do ok on Facebook, but sometimes it would lag. Now, when I tried with Chrome, I never have this problem.

It keeps up. It works. Like it is supposed to. Everything works. 3D works. I can type as fast as I want to. No lag.

There was 1 browser faster than Chrome. Opera. But it was only 1 second faster on the MS Maze Solver at 23 seconds, instead of 24 like Chrome. But it uses the same engine as Chrome, and overall, Chrome is just tweaked for most optimum performance.

So, I scrapped Opera for Chrome.

Want speed? Chrome.
Want experience on facebook? Chrome.
Want pretty videos? Firefox.

To speed up Chrome even further, download Ad Block Plus plugin for Chrome, and also add Ghostery.

In Ghostery options, select for it to automatically block everything. Trackers, Advertisements, Web Beacons, and 2 other types. Click save.

Your web-pages will load faster, and prettier without all the ad/spam/garbage.

Some web pages load up to 19 different trackers/web beacons/etc!!!

If your having trouble with speed, get Chrome. It definitely is noticeable on low-end/low-powered laptops, netbooks, and computers. And if you want to speed up your existing computers, get Chrome.

I tested Firefox on a PC where Firefox supported 3D, and guess who won? Chrome!

1,000 fish in the MS Fish Bowl test. Chrome stayed at 60 fps. Firefox started about 30 or 40, then dropped to 9 fps.

Bad. Really bad.

I am disappointed in Firefox. They need to catch up with the competition.

The thing is, I WANT Firefox to be fast! I want them to win! But, I honestly cannot recommend Firefox for speed when Chrome has repeatedly proved across hundreds of machines, that it speeds up your web browsing experience by being anywhere from 4x to 15x faster.

It is hard to believe. I didn't want to believe it. But, it's true. Chrome is just about the fastest browser you can get, on the planet.

Before, when I used Firefox, I was always trying to tweak my netbook, make it faster, but now, I don't have to do a thing. It is amazing how much different Chrome has made on my machine.

I didn't believe it, but I tested about 30 browsers in all, the latest 2015 versions of them all.

And Chrome came out on top.

You want to go faster on a netbook, underpowered pc, you can't go faster than Chrome. I tried it out. Chrome wins.

Chrome may start slower than Firefox, but once it loads, it is way faster.

Just remember 3 things...

Ad Block Plus

Hope this helps someone else!

And, please, Firefox Developers, if you are reading this, I really hope you can find out why Firefox is so much slower than Chrome.

There are some things I like about Firefox, but no 3D is a no/no to me. I want the option to choose.

Being 4x to 15x slower than Chrome doesn't help. Fix this, please!!!

Thank you, have a great day!!!
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