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Software Product Description

If you want a full-featured Web browser that performs even faster than its lightweight counterparts, then Mozilla Firefox is your ideal choice. The browser is flexible and allows you to customize it to suit your preferences. Its re-designed user interface gives you a large viewing area while making it easy to access its various features from the upper right corner.


  • Enhanced security and privacy settings
  • Live bookmarks
  • Plugins
  • Extensions
  • Themes

Mozilla Firefox is so flexible that you can not only remove what you do not want but also place what you want almost anywhere. The 'Customize' panel allows you to easily add, remove or move buttons. You can make it easy to access the features you use most often.

The Sync feature lets you access your passwords, bookmarks and history from multiple devices irrespective of your location. Tabbed browsing lets you open multiple pages in one window, and switching between the tabs is easy and fast.

The browser includes several features designed to enhance your security and privacy. The Lightbeam add-on enables you to see those trying to watch you online, and turning on private browsing ensures others will not see your browsing history. Many websites collect information about you as you browse the Internet, but Firefox includes a 'Do Not Track' feature that lets you decide how you would like to share your information, that is if you want to share any information at all.

You can also add a multitude of extensions to increase the functionality of your browser.

These great features would mean little if the browser's speed frustrated you. Thankfully, the latest Mozilla Firefox is also the fastest so far. It beats other popular browsers at accomplishing everyday tasks and technical benchmarks. A recent independent test dubbed it as the 'Speed King,' as it outperformed the other browsers. You can even use the browser to play online games smoothly and without affecting the overall performance of your computer.


"Cannot believe how fast Firefox is dying..."

Reviewer: -Jackie

Review Date: 2016-04-13

Pros: Still supports AdBlockPlus

Cons: 1) Getting more bloated on each release 2) Getting slower each bloatware release 3) GPU blocklist = no 3D on some PC's 4) They keep adding worthless junk to the menu such as Pillbox online backup & other useless, worthless clutter that are totally impossible to remove & do nothing whatsoever to improve the speed or stability of Firefox but only bring the bloatware to an all time high while slowing Firefox down like a dog.

Other Thoughts: Out of all the browsers I tested, & I tested about 50+, Chrome is about the fastest you can get.

If you want speed, stay away from Firefox & get Chrome.

Especially if you have an older machine like a netbook.

Firefox has a 3D blocklist that kills 3D dead on the machines that they blacklist the GPU on.

They don't just do that on older GPU devices either! They also force you to have the latest GPU driver possible for your machine in order to properly support 3D, else they disable 3D.

How to tell your 3D is disabled:

Games are laggy, slow, don't work right. Or, go to Firefox menu button (usually on the far right top, the 3 horizontal bars stacked on top of each other). If you have trouble finding it, it is the button that when you hover over with your mouse, it says Open Menu. Then, click the ? button, troubleshooting information, look under Graphics section, then look for Direct2D Enabled & also DirectWrite Enabled. They should be true. If it is disabled, Firefox did that. GPU Accelerated Windows should say 1/1 or something. If it is false or disabled, yep! Firefox did that.

Guess what?

Chrome works on netbooks & older machines, & where Firefox gets a very poor 1-5 FPS, Chrome gets 30-60 FPS & works great!

Chrome feels around 4x faster on older machines, to tell you the truth!

And, if you are on Facebook on a netbook with Firefox, Firefox will lag & you have to wait while your messages stack on top of each other if you are a fast typer.

Chrome? It keeps up without any trouble, for the most part. Yay!

If Chrome can do this, why can't Firefox?

You know what is so bad?

Firefox claims to be championing user rights, claims to be for user choice, claims to be representing the people, offering greater flexibility than the other browsers.

Well, guess what?

It doesn't!

Can't believe I am saying this, but try it yourself! Get you an older machine, & try both Chrome & Firefox. Yep, Firefox is creamed by Chrome.

Wish the developers would see this comment, read this comment, & at least allow people to override the GPU block. I mean, hey! They claim to offer user choice.

Ummm... Where?

All I see is a blocked GPU that I cannot even use because Firefox decided to become a nanny that controls what I can or cannot do, on my own machine.

Come one, please!

Do developers listen to users any more?

If they do, someone let em know, they need to bring user choice back & at least allow experienced users the capability to override 3D blocklist because otherwise, I will use Chrome or whatever browser allows me to use the 3D.

Chrome (with 3D) is around 30x faster than Firefox (without 3D) & even on modern hardware, Chrome bested Firefox in HTML5 as well as being up to 2x faster than 3D even WITH 3D enabled.

Why would I want a slow browser?

Why, why, why?

Someone needs to tell them how to create a small, fast, unbloated browser that actually can be used & doesn't try to be a nanny that tells users what they can or cannot do on their own machine.

I tried to like Firefox, I really did.

But it just gets slower with each release, & there is nothing you can do to get around their blocklist (I tried).

Bye bye, Firefox!
Hello, Chrome!

My new favorite browser.

And... It's faster, too!


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