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Release Date:   2017-06-27

Submit Date:   2017-06-27

OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Software Product Description

If you want a full-featured Web browser that performs even faster than its lightweight counterparts, then Mozilla Firefox is your ideal choice. The browser is flexible and allows you to customize it to suit your preferences. Its re-designed user interface gives you a large viewing area while making it easy to access its various features from the upper right corner.


  • Enhanced security and privacy settings
  • Live bookmarks
  • Plugins
  • Extensions
  • Themes

Mozilla Firefox is so flexible that you can not only remove what you do not want but also place what you want almost anywhere. The 'Customize' panel allows you to easily add, remove or move buttons. You can make it easy to access the features you use most often.

The Sync feature lets you access your passwords, bookmarks and history from multiple devices irrespective of your location. Tabbed browsing lets you open multiple pages in one window, and switching between the tabs is easy and fast.

The browser includes several features designed to enhance your security and privacy. The Lightbeam add-on enables you to see those trying to watch you online, and turning on private browsing ensures others will not see your browsing history. Many websites collect information about you as you browse the Internet, but Firefox includes a 'Do Not Track' feature that lets you decide how you would like to share your information, that is if you want to share any information at all.

You can also add a multitude of extensions to increase the functionality of your browser.

These great features would mean little if the browser's speed frustrated you. Thankfully, the latest Mozilla Firefox is also the fastest so far. It beats other popular browsers at accomplishing everyday tasks and technical benchmarks. A recent independent test dubbed it as the 'Speed King,' as it outperformed the other browsers. You can even use the browser to play online games smoothly and without affecting the overall performance of your computer.


"Firefox 53.0.3 is Memory Hog!!!"

Reviewer: -Ronald Geiken

Review Date: 2017-06-06

Pros: I have lots of apps and extensions installed in my copy of Firefox and would hate to leave and go to Chrome, but can understand why lots of people have. I have used Firefox for years, and this one is probably more memory intense than any other versions that I have used. Quality of page presentations is very good and for that I give them credit.

Cons: I am using it will both Windows 10 on one computer and Windows 7 on another, and and note on my W10 computer that the memory usage can be 1 gig or more and then it really gets slow and occasionally stalls until it can catch up. It can be frustrating to use, and I use the open in Chrome way too often due to its inability to reproduce a page correctly. Evidently later versions of Firefox are running more slowly that earlier versions I have used. It is very frustrating to use. I have 24 gig of ram available, so that is not the problem. 53.0.3 just cannot handle memory when it gets to 1 gig and more. If they don't get rid of the memory use problem. more people will start moving to Chrome. Unless you have 4 gig or more of ram, it could turn into a real problem of lack of memory on those computers.

Other Thoughts: I note that on my W10 computer using a given web site on both of them, that Firefox may use as much at 10 times as much ram as Chrome. I only have one tab open on each of them for this condition. It would not bother me except for the fact when the browser starts using up to 1.3 gig of ram, that it really starts to run sluggish. They have a very poor system for clearing memory. I have 2 separate apps to try to alleviate the situation. Firefox uses less memory on a given page after it is restarted, and this can be 3 to 4 times less than before the restart. Chrome ALWAYS uses less memory on any page.


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