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You may want to uninstall and re-install programs on your computer for different reasons. Performing a fresh re-install will give you some advantages, such as speeding up your system. The drawback is that you will lose all program settings, and you will be forced to make new configurations. Luckily, CloneApp gives you the opportunity to back up your application settings from the Registry and other Windows directories.

The application is different than conventional back-up tools in the sense that it is only designed to back up program settings. It scans Windows Registry and program directories for the data to save. It also backs up application content from the Documents and Pictures directories.

The application lets you choose the program settings you want to back up, giving you control over the process. It lists the installed programs on the left side of the user interface. Each item on the list has a check box to its left, which you can use to select the ones you want to back up. If you would like to back up all program settings, you can simply click the Select All link instead of clicking each check box.

When you click on an item, you will see its name and description displayed in the middle of the interface while the authors name appears on the right.

CloneApp allows you to create a plug-in if you know how to do so. Alternatively, you may get existing plug-ins. It displays the total number of installed plug-ins and the selected ones on the lower left corner of the application interface.

Once you have selected all the programs whose settings you want to back up, you just need to click the Start Backup button. You may also choose to save the log information.


"Download cancelled"

Reviewer: -Larry

Review Date: 2015-09-25

Pros: Not sure of any at this point

Cons: My AV says there is a malware in this file and wont let me download> any ideas did anyone else get this

Other Thoughts: None


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