CopyTrans Shelbee 2.203      

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Release Date:   2021-05-20

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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As more people are increasingly relying on their iOS devices for different uses, the need for a suitable backup method to prevent data loss is essential. While a large number of iOS device owners use iTunes from Apple, there are several other third-party applications in the market. CopyTrans Shelbee provides a free and simple method of backing up and restoring data on any iOS device. One of the areas where the software stands out from similar apps is its simplicity. It does not offer a multitude of options that would only make it difficult to use.

CopyTrans Features:

  • Backup content such as: apps, app documents, contacts, messages, calendars, camera roll and preferences
  • Incremental and full iPhone backup
  • A secure backup location
  • Backup history
  • Smart notifications
  • Easy restore

Using CopyTrans

We found it relatively easy to install and use CopyTrans. When we launched the app, it displayed a simple user interface that was almost bare compared to other programs. The dark interface displayed two prominent buttons for backing up and restoring data respectively while a drop-down list on the upper left corner displayed different iOS devices.

In spite of its simplistic nature, the app allowed us to select the destination where we wanted to back up our data. We could even choose external storage media. When starting a backup process, we had the option to perform a full backup or simply back up the latest changes. Incremental backup is useful in conserving disk space.

Once we had made relevant selections and started the backup process, CopyTrans displayed the backup process, showing the name of the iOS device and what was being backed up.

The program allowed us to make multiple backups for several iOS devices and choose the ones we wanted to restore. We could even restore files we had earlier backed up using iTunes. Restoration was convenient, as the program provided a list of backups from which we could choose the one we wanted.

If you make frequent changes on your iOS device, then you can enable smart notifications to remind you when you should perform the next backup.


CopyTrans Shelbee is a simple and standalone app for backing up iOS devices without the need of iTunes. It features a straightforward user interface that any computer user can understand and use without difficulty. If you are interested in a program that can back up any iOS device without unnecessary bells and whistles, then this is the software to choose.

Software Product Description

CopyTrans Shelbee is a simple solution for quick and reliable iPhone backup and restore. Backup iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch content including apps, app documents, contacts, messages, calendars, camera roll and preferences without iTunes. Unlike iTunes, CopyTrans Shelbee lets you backup iPhone wherever you want. It is a dedicated iOS backup and restore program which will never ask you to "erase and sync". Restore iPhone from backup on any PC.