ExpertSec Malware Detection Engine 0.3      

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Release Date:   2007-12-12

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/2003

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Software Product Description

ExpertSec Malware Detection Engine is a malware scanner that allows you to scan and detect what is not right inside the Windows folder, the place where most of the malware resides.

How to use it:
Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder and double click on the esde application. An easy to use graphical interface will appear. You need to select the Windows folder and press the Scan button. After the scan is finished, by using the default options, a report will be created and if any files are recognized as suspect, then they will automatically be sent to our research lab for further analysis. You will also be prompted for your e-mail so we can reply to you if the file is indeed a malware or not.

Also we have implemented an update function for our malware detection engine, so you can have the latest detection technology available.


"Engine 0.3"

Reviewer: -mweizor

Review Date: 2008-06-15

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Its scan speed , thoroughness and small folder size are good
but what is its database?
Its updater tells one nothing more than "update complete" -- did it actually update anything or is just the process (check for) over?

The "estimated scan time" is stuck on 2 minutes.

One can't minimize the GUI but one can put a window over it
and if the "create report" is checked, it'll pop up upon scan completion.
By preference, I chose to uncheck the "submit suspected files..." --- one can reinstate that , if opted.

If I'm getting this right: it'll find, they'll advise, you fix.


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