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Do you love fractal art, or would you like to try your hand at it? Then you need a good fractal generator like Fractal Zoomer. The lightweight and portable application is comprehensive yet so easy to use that you will enjoy exploring fractal art with options that let you improve your experience.


  • More than 100 fractal functions
  • Different color options
  • Plane transformations
  • Image filters
  • Orbit tracking
  • User formulas
  • 3D Heightmap
  • Julia sets and Julia Map
  • Boundary tracing algorithm
If you want to use Fractal Zoomer, then you must install a version of Java that is greater than 1.6.

Using Fractal Zoomer

Since Fractal Zoomer was a portable application, we did not worry about its installation. We just launched the application from the folder where we saved it. The application displayed the fractal on its main panel, with the File and Toolbar menus appearing on the top part of the interface. The toolbar had buttons that allowed to perform different functions, including saving fractals as images as well as zooming in and out.

The fractal generator opened with a standard set of Mandelbrot, and we had many alternatives at our disposal. We simply clicked on Options and then Fractal Functions before selecting an alternative starting point. We then zoomed in on the interesting places.

Overall, the application features a simple user interface that gives easy access to its various functions. The interface let us work in full-screen mode to concentrate on what we were doing. We could also choose different planes, including trigonometric and fold in or out planes.

Other things the application allowed us to do included:

  • Changing the image using different coloring algorithms
  • Using the built-in palette to pick colors
  • Setting the initial value
  • Adjusting RGB and HSB values
  • Applying random colors
  • Setting the limit of iterations
  • Entering rotation angles
  • Specifying photo sizes

The use of hotkeys enabled us to work fast, and saving configuration data as a DAT file did away with unnecessary repetitions.

The program offers many filtering options that help you fine-tune your work to your liking. Once you have created what you want, you can save your fractal as JPG, PNG or BMP image file.

Apart from the Mandelbrot fractal type, we could also choose Julia sets, Nova and Barnsley types among others.


Although Fractal Zoomer is a free fractal generator, it packs a lot of options in a small package. We loved the ability to apply over 100 fractal functions on the fly on multiple computers via a USB flash drive. The application completes tasks fast without sacrificing quality. However, it uses a significant amount of system resources.

Software Product Description

An application that lets you render some of the most known fractal functions. It comes with alot of options to further enhance your fractal experience!

Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or above. Get It Here.


"Fractal Zoomer review"

Reviewer: -user

Review Date: 2014-07-12

Pros: One small file No install - just run it! Easy to use - right click to zoom in. Left click to zoom out! Fast zooming, lots of options to explore. Great program for fractal beginners!

Cons: Defaults to save bmp file, must manually type jpg to save every fractal!

Other Thoughts: Beginner - get it!
Fast, easy, no install, basically portable. Good job on this...


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