JABFR - Just Another Batch File Renamer 1.0 Beta      

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Release Date:   2019-07-26

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Reviewed on July 26, 2019

Easily batch rename files.

JABFR, which is an acronym for Just Another Batch Files Renamer, is a very simple little batch file renamer that enables you to rename any part of all the files in a batch. Rename part of the name or change the extension of a selected batch of files all at once. Originally developed to demonstrate java software development to Singapore's EMHA Academy students, the program is available for anybody to use or develop at Sourceforge.

Download the zipped file, unpack it and launch the .JAR file. The user interface has simple 'Input' and 'File Ext.' fields where you input the location of the files you want to rename and the extension, and all the matching files will be displayed in the display panel. First, inspect them to delete any you don't want to change then check 'Replace' and/or 'File Ext.' boxes below and input the changes. Click the 'Rename' button at the right to begin the renaming process.

Other renaming options provided are using the 'Prefix' or 'Suffix' fields to sequentially make your changes, and a 'Replace All Files' checkbox enables you to choose to make duplicate files or replace the original ones.

A fast operating batch file renamer, JABFR is a very handy little utility to have on your system. The Java files and components are also useful for examination purposes for anybody learning how to program in Java.

The useful little application provides a fast, efficient and convenient method of renaming files in batches instead of spending time searching and changing them manually.

Software Product Description

Quickly rename as many files as you like with this easy to use java utility.