Lingoes Portable 2.9.2      

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 Reviewed on August 30, 2013

You do not have to be a professional translator to benefit from translation software. Lingoes Portable is meant for anybody who would like to translate even one word from one language to another. You can use the free dictionary to capture a word on the screen, translate selected text or an entire document. The program, which provides results in more than 80 languages, will even help you get the correct pronunciation.


  • Supports cross translation over 80 languages
  • Text translation over 34 languages
  • Cursor translation function
  • Pronunciation of words and texts
  • Ability to download and install preferred dictionaries
  • Online dictionary service
  • Appendices system that provides various functions, including weights and measurements converter, currency converter, international time zone converter and international dialing codes

Using Lingoes Portable

All you need to do to use Lingoes Portable is to download and unzip the program. We unzipped it on a flash drive so we could use it on different machines and places. We could even carry our free dictionary and use it at a cyber café.

The program opened fast and gave us several options for using and adjusting it. The icons on the top left side of the window gave us access to the Index, Guide and Appendices.


The Index was where we could use the installed dictionaries. Relevant words appeared as soon as we started typing in the search bar on the top part of the window. Clicking on a specific word displayed its meaning on the main right part of the window while double-clicking it opened translation panes in addition to the definition.


The configuration panel was where we could set the way we wanted our multi-lingual translation software to work, from startup options to appearance to translation and voice engines. We also had the option to set hotkeys for performing various functions.


In addition to the included appendices, we had the option to download more or even create our own. We tried converting currencies whose values we knew and got accurate results depending on the day's conversion rates. We could also convert currency numbers to text.

On the right lower part of the window were five buttons for:

  • Capturing word on screen
  • Translating selected text
  • Translating clipboard text
  • Keeping window always on top
  • Opening and closing mini window
Below the search bar were options for speaking selected text, copying, saving, printing, finding and launching text translation window. The last option returns you to the start page. The main menu button just below the close button gives access to these functions in addition to online updates and support.


  • No need for installation
  • Fast
  • Provides comprehensive details


  • Translation requires Internet connection

If you want a free dictionary and translation software in a single package, then Lingoes Portable is an ideal choice.

Software Product Description

Lingoes is an easy to use dictionary and text translation program.