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Release Date:   2021-05-04  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on November 14, 2017

Macrium Reflect is a speedy disk imaging and cloning solution for backing up your system.

The accurate image of your hard disk created by free disk imaging software from Macrium Reflect provides great peace of mind. Should you experience the ugly event of a system breakdown or abort an upgrade, just knowing that a compressed, mountable archive file can be used to restore your hard disk exactly as it was gives you that desirable sense of control. Partial loss, which can possibly be even more catastrophic than complete loss, is restorable from the Macrium Reflect backup in that you can retrieve individual partitions. Even individual folders and files are retrievable - just create a virtual drive from the image in Windows Explorer and copy and paste them.

Backup & Restore

Macrium Reflect lets you make incremental and differential backups and create a single backup file of any one folder, or more, on your hard disk using 'include' and 'exclude' filters. Filtering levels also allow you the option of excluding hidden and system files. Being able to browse the backup as a virtual drive in Windows Explorer makes the process comprehensible and easier to use. Restore individual files or the entire backup to your selected location.

You are provided with several compression levels giving you flexibility in terms of disk space whether you are saving backup files to local or network drives, or to DVDs or USB flash drives. Your backups can be password protected.

Disk Imaging Advantages

Macrium Reflect free disk imaging software lets you create a backup file of your entire hard disk or one or more partitions. Subsequent backups can be incremental or differential. This allows you to resize a restored partition or change it to or from a logical partition to a bootable one, etc., or to perform a hard disk upgrade in the knowledge that everything is safely backed up, including the Master Boot Record which is automatically saved with all backups.

Convenience and Safety

Your backup can be created while your Windows OS is in use. The point of time represented by the disk image is not impacted by access to the disk while it is being backed up or verified. Backup files can be automatically or individually verified or before you restore them and compression levels can be selected depending on your file and speed requirements. An option to access Macrium Reflect at Startup can be added, and the program also allows you to create a rescue disk on CD, DVD or USB flash drive.


Backups can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly with Macrium Reflect free backup software, as can automatic incremental or differential backups to meet your requirements, and completion is automatic. HTML log reports can be viewed in the built-in browser.

Macrium Reflect free backup, disk imaging and cloning software is fully compatible with Windows operating systems, and is available for personal or business use.

Software Product Description

Download and install Macrium Reflect free backup software and experience its sophisticated features.

Note for Windows XP users: Advanced features of Macrium Reflect Free Edition are not compatible. It does not preclude the application's ability to perform bootable media creation as well as the ability to perform trustworthy disk imaging to either internal disk storage hardware or connected USB & Firewire 400/800 external enclosures. (Thanks A. for the tip! A trusted user.)


"Possibly the very best freeware application ever offered."

Reviewer: -Andre Seguin

Review Date: 2021-05-05

Pros: I used to pay for and use Acronis True Image starting in 2004 with version 11. In 2004, I was using external firewire 800 HDD's to perform disk imaging. Although Acronis claimed that True Image supported IEEE1394B external media I was never able to perform disk imaging with TIH until version 17 and then when I moved from a P45 chipset computer with Core2Duo CPU to a P67 chipset computer with Core I7 CPU, True Image Home would no longer detect external firewire 800 HDD's. Then came the miracle I was hoping for in the discovery of Macrium Reflect. The rest as they say is history. I have been an unconditional fan of Reflect since day one as it as always performed flawlessly and as saved my hyde on numerous occasions. Some reviewers here have suggested it is not freeware. If I recall accurately from my last Reflect Free installation when Reflect is installed the application will ask if registration is required. By not entering your e-mail address and registering the application. Reflect becomes a 100% genuine unregistered unrestricted freeware application for either personal or commercial use. The installation process spells it out clearly for those that take the time to read the clear concise message.

Cons: Absolutely none whatsoever.

Other Thoughts: This is a very fast high performance disk imaging solution that can compress disk images with near 7-Zip compression ratios. Namely a 30GB Windows 10 20H2 installation combined with a 2GB Office 2010 Professional installation compressed down to a 13GB disk image.A 500GB USB 3.0 external HDD can go a very long way before a space clearing operation is required. Contrary to Acronis True Image Macrium Reflect does everything it's author Paramount Software UK claims it can do. Absolutely no boasting, bragging or overstating involved here.


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