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Reviewed on August 25, 2017

Sometimes evaluating fixed-interest-rate mortgage loans can be overwhelming. If you have a loan type different than a mortgage, you will notice that some are calculated in a different manner that Mortgage doesn't support. So you need to have knowledge of what Mortgage is and why it is a handy mortgage loan calculator.

What is Mortgage?

This is an English language program that helps you check your fixed-interest-rate mortgage loans. It helps you find the following items.

  • Interest rate
  • Loan principal
  • Duration
  • Payment when given the above

But there is more this mortgage loan calculator can do to make your work much easier. A good calculator is one that answers all your questions. So the fact that you can do what-ifs with this software makes it a handy tool. For instance, you will know what your payment will be if you borrowed $480,000 at 3.7% for 30 years. Better still; why not calculate the amount of money you can borrow at 4.25% for 25 years if you can afford a $1,200 monthly installment. And by repeatedly changing the loan numbers, there's a lot to learn from this mortgage loan calculator.

You know you want to have the total amount paid and the interest for any loan, but that's not all you get from Mortgage. The software can also show you a repayment schedule if you have a set of loan numbers. This means you also get the amount paid toward the principal and your interest for each month. Additionally, this software prints a schedule or copies it to the system clipboard.

With that in mind, you now have mortgage software that can answer all the mortgage loan questions you may be having. Setting up Mortgage is quite straight forward and so is using it.


For Mortgage to work effectively, your computer must be equipped with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above. Most computers have it. If yours doesn't then the Mortgage setup program will offer to automatically download it from Microsoft.

Software Product Description

Mortgage software to evaluate fixed-interest-rate mortgage loans.