PDF Page Lock v2.0.3      

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Release Date:   2018-06-04

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OS:  Windodws XP (SP3)/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-bit)

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Reviewed on April 27, 2018

Perhaps you have regularly wanted to lock certain pages in a PDF document while leaving others available? PDF Page Lock is a handy application that will let you selectively lock or hide pages in a PDF document using an encryption key.

Locking or Hiding Pages

PDF Page Lock is highly intuitive because of its well-placed menus, large icons, and minimalist interface. On the left of its interface is a panel that displays the status of all pages in an open document. At the bottom of this panel are four Operations: Lock, Hide, Lock All, and Unlock All. Use these buttons to hide or lock specific pages or an entire document by selecting pages on the left pane and applying the operation you need.

Encrypting Pages

PDF Page Lock has a preview pane that lets users view pages they want to lock or hide. This is very useful for preventing accidental locking or hiding of pages. So how do you configure an encryption password in PDF Page Lock? Clicking the Save icon displays a dialog box prompting you to define an encryption key. Type your key in the provided field and hit Save or Save As to overwrite the source document or create a copy of the original.

During our testing, PDF Page Lock applied all operations successfully without limitation on document length. Plus, it automatically opens the system PDF viewer for previewing the results of your edits. Modified pages or documents display a prominent padlock icon and the text "This page has been Locked by PDF Page Lock - PDF"


In summary, PDF Page Lock is a handy and powerful program for locking or selectively hiding pages in your PDF documents. It is highly reliable and simple to use making it suitable for use by novices. Plus, its install is pretty fast and doesn't hog system resources.

Use this application to lock pages of concern while leaving others accessible on any system. With PDF Page Lock, it's not necessary encrypting an entire document nor does it require users to obtain any third party applications to view locked or hidden files. Even so, to unhide pages, you need to click on the Unlock command which may confuse some users.

Software Product Description

Lock and protect certain pages in a PDF document.