What's New in version Beta:

  • Upgrade to Gecko engine 87
  • Improved 'Highlight All' feature feature on Find in Page
  • Added support for simultaneously watching multiple videos in Picture-in-Picture
  • Improved Print functionality with a cleaner design and better integration with the computer's printer settings;
  • credit card management and auto-fill for users in Canada;
  • notable performance and stability improvements achieved by moving canvas drawing and WebGL drawing to the GPU process;
  • Introduction of Total Cookie Protection to Strict Mode
  • Protection from supercookies, a type of tracker that can stay hidden in the browser and track users online, even after they have cleared cookies.

What's New in version

  • Fix ad blocker issue with youtube.
  • Fix bug with settings not transferred with portable version.

What's New in version

  • Fix UI localization issue with French and German.

What's New in version

  • Fix bug with UI translation
  • Fix bug with turbocharged download manager

What's New in version 7.00.077:

  • Fix bug in some built-in javascript.

What's New in version 7.00.076:

  • update language files
  • Fixed yahoo email compatibility issue.

What's New in version 7.00.074:

  • Update language file
  • Make options:misc page scrollable.

What's New in version 7.00.073:

  • Automatically remove the play symbol from the file name when downloading youtube video.
  • Add option to show related deals and coupons when shopping online. (This option can be turned off in tools:options:misc:show related deals and coupons when shopping online).

    What's New in version 7.00.072:

  • Enable ad blocker for https sites.

    What's New in version 7.00.071:

    • Merged Easylist and Fanboy's list in the ad blocker since they are now one list. Only easylist option is available now.
    • Moved items under the in-page shortcut menu directly onto the top level of the context menu for easier access.

    What's New in version 7.00.065:

    • Increased size of weather forecast information dialog
    • Fixed compatibility issue with skydrive site for IE11 users.
    • Bug fix: web page update issue after using mouse gesture.

    What's New in version 7.00.063:

    • Added Israel filter list into ad blocker
    • Added support for custom user agent string defined in Microsoft Compatibility view list.
    • Fixed crash when running builtin spell checker component
    • Added option to automatically switch rendering mode based on META tag of web pages
    • Bug fix: automatic translation not working correctly for IE11 users.

    What's New in version 7.00.061:

    • Bug fix: google and yahoo website not rendered correctly for IE11 users.
    • Bug fix: when internet options dialog is opened from New Tabs page, the homepage setting is inconsistent.
    • Bug fix: quickfill not working correctly sometimes for IE11 users
    • Improved compatibility with Windows 8.1
    • Bug fix: translation feature not working correctly for IE11 users.

    What's New in version 7.00.059:

    • Added support for editing the title of quick dial buttons.

    What's New in version 7.00.056:

    • Add menu 'Follow SlimBrowser on Twitter' and 'Subscribe to SlimBrowser Newsletter'
    • Fixed memory leak on systems with IE11.
    • Updated IE11 compatiblity view list

    What's New in version 7.00.053:

    • Language file updates.

    What's New in version 7.00.052:

    • Bug fix: mouse gesture initiated unexpectedly when right click on flash object

    What's New in version 7.00.051:

    • Updated code related to weather forecast to use a new api key.

    What's New in version 7.00.050:

    • Fixed a bug about default zoom settings.

    What's New in version 7.00.047 - 7.00.049:

    • Added option to activate the tab on the right side when one tab is closed. Users preferring the traditional behavior can turn this option off.
    • Update language files
    • Updated fix for gmail cookie mismatch error.

    What's New in version 7.00.046:

    • Behavior change: Activate the tab on the right side when one tab is closed.

    What's New in version 7.00.045:

    • Fixed CNN Video playing issue when ad blocker is enabled.

    What's New in version 7.00.044:

    • Fixed web page zooming issues in high DPI settings.

    What's New in version 7.00.043:

    • Added Hindi language file
    • Fixed display issue of various user interface elements in high DPI settings.

    What's new in version 7.00.041:

    • Update language file
    • Added 'Open All Favorites' menu item to the popup menu when you right click on a favorites folder.

    What's New in version 7.00.039:

    • Renamed some of the language files. For example, 'German Austrian' has been renamed to 'German (Austria)'.
    • Fixed youtube video download issue for users who have enabled the html5 trial feature.
    • Improved support for IE11 with Windows 8.1

    What's New in version 7.00.035:

    • Fixed a bug in new tab page settings.
    • Added an option to disable automatic url suggestions in 'options:address bar'

    What's New in version 7.00.033:

    • Updated Chinese version user manual based on SlimBrowser 7.0
    • Bug fix: quick dial button name with special characters such as commas not stored correctly.
    • Update language files.

    What's New in version 7.00.032:

    • Add menu 'Tools:Ad Blocker:Select Ad Component to Block' to help users pick the ad to block with mouse.
    • Update language files.

    What's New in version 7.00.031:

    • Add menu 'Tools:Ad Blocker:Select Ad Component to Block' to help users pick the ad to block with mouse.

    What's New in version 7.00.030:

    • Update Chinese Traditional language files

    What's New in version 7.00.029:

    • Added toolbar button for capturing screenshot of selected area
    • Bug fix: prevent users to refresh site group defined on tabs page.
    • Update language files.

    What's New in version 7.00.027:

    • Bug fix: crash when attempting to reordering quickdial websites defined in tabs pages
    • Added support for mouse-dragging gesture to navigate back and forth. Simple drag left or right while holding the right button to navigate back or forward.
    • Add menu to disable ad blocker on top level domain (available under menu 'tools:adb blocker:disable ad blocker on top level domain').
    • Bug fix: after resetting all settings, the ad blocker filter list setting wasn't reset correctly.

    What's New in version 7.00.024:

    • Added support for submitting language files directly from language file manager.
    • Update language files.

    What's New in version 7.00.023:

    • Bug fix: position max-min-restore buttons correctly when switching into and out of compact mode.
    • Allow users to drag the mini menu button.
    • Improved address typing suggestion algorithm.

    What's New in version 7.00.022:

    • Added support for sorting the quickdial sites in the customization dialog.
    • Enable drag-to-restore on the menu bar when the main window is maximized and title bar is hidden.

    What's New in version 7.00.021:

    • Bug fix: Spell checker language not set properly in non-English UI.
    • Bug fix: search by clicking the search engine button or its drop down menu not done properly.

    What's New in version 7.00.020:

    • Update language files.

    What's New in version 7.00.019:

    • Added more ad blocker filter lists available for choice.
    • Set default ad blocker filter lists based on user's system language.
    • Update language files.

    What's New in version 7.00.017:

    • Language file updates
    • Included quickdial site settings when backing up data and settings.

    What's New in Version 6.01.101:

    • Bug fix: adjustment effects not applied correctly when photo frame is not used in photo salon
    • Bug fix: allow ctrl+f to invoke the find dialog in scriptpad.

    What's New in Version 6.01.100:

    • 'New Tab' page title loccalized properly
    • Allow users to middle click a quickdial button on the tabs page to open it in a new tab. (Shift click or use the 'Open In New Tab' menu is also ok).

    What's New in Version 6.01.099:

    • Fix bug in weather forecast html template.

    What's New in version 6.01.098:

    • Fixed a bug in photo salon
    • Updated Turkish language file.
    • Fixed a bug related to toolbar position restoration.

    What's new in version 6.01.097:

    • Update language files.

    What's new in version 6.01.096:

    • Fixed a bug in the interpretation of text entered in the address bar
    • Add support to allow users to assign an alias to a group in the alias definition dialog. (Click the drop down arrow to access the menu to define special commands).

    What's new in version 6.01.095:

    • Fixed memory leak in photo salon
    • Fixed localization of Chinese application name in installer.
    • Fixed problem of watching videos from QQ video.
    • Bug fix: some UTF8 text files not loaded correctly.

    What's New in version 6.01.094:

    • Fixed web page translation issue under IE10.

    What's New in version 6.01.093:

    • Moved 'download youtube video' button to the right side of the upload button on the top of the page (the fix in build 092 was not applied correctly).

    What's New in version 6.01.092:

    • Show tooltips for tabs with clipped title.
    • Moved 'download youtube video' button to the right side of the upload button on the top of the page.
    • Fixed 'set as default browser' in portable version on Windows 8.

    What's New in version 6.01.033:

    • Bug fix: 'Never Ask for this site' for quickfill feature not working properly
    • Added back 'mail' button as an available button on the standard toolbar.

    What's New in version 6.01.032:

    • Bug fix: crash when openning some quickfill form files.

    What's New in version 6.01.031:

    • Replaced Google Buzz integration with Google plus. Accessible from Tools:Share This Page: Google Plus
    • Language files updates.

    What's New in version 6.01.030:

    • Added find&replace button to scriptpad toolbar.

    What's New in version 6.01.029:

    • Bug fix: Download manager history file saved incorrectly.

    What's new in version 6.00.081:

    • Bug fix: Adding some websites to the tabs page will mess up the quick-dial buttons.

    What's new in version 6.00.080:

    • Bug fix: Selecting 'open all favorites' doesn't open all the sites within a favorites folder.
    • Bug fix: On Windows XP, the 'Open Folder' button in IE download dialog incorrectly replaces the current tab inside SlimBrowser. Now it opens externally in a windows explorer window.
    • Language file updates.

    What's New in version 6.00.078:

    • Bug fix: Fixed resource leak inside the rendering process.

    What's new in version 6.00.077:

    • Bug fix: Crash when opening some sites which requires http authentication information.
    • Bug fix: fix erratic behavior when attempting to change homepage.

    What's new in version 6.00.074:

    • Add option to turn off GPU Rendering in options:advanced
    • Bug fix: in-page translation stopped working.
    • Fixed a conflict between Roboform and SlimBrowser. When Roboform taskbar icon is enabled, SlimBrowser couldn't exit properly.

    What's New in version 6.00.072:

    • Fix crash when showing favorites side bar (bug was introduced in build 071)
    • File->Save Screenshot now saves the entire web page instead of only the visible portion.

    What's New in version 6.00.071:

    • Bug fix: weather information display on status bar.
    • Bug fix: Ctrl+S to save webpage not working.

    What's New in version 6.00.070:

    • Added support of web form spell checking in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.
    • Bug fix: installing some skin will cause SlimBrowser to freeze.

    What's New in version 6.00.069:

    • Bug fix: clean cached files removed cookies as well by mistake (this bug was introduced in Build 067)

    What's New in version 6.00.068:

    • Bug fix: quick-dial site settings were overwritten during installing update when app setting is stored inside the program folder.

    What's New in version 6.00.067:

    • Fixed compatibility issue with Google+
    • Bug fix: The 'Clean Trace by Domain' menu failed to clean some cookies properly.
    • Bug fix: Popup windows are not sized properly by javascript sometimes.

    What's New in version 6.00.066:

    • Bug fix: search engine icon is not displayed properly sometimes in the quick dial page.

    What's new in version 6.00.065:

    • Bug fix: Help button of some of the options page not working.
    • Links bar is now hidden in compact mode.
    • Bug fix: Built-in toolbar not showing image background when initially made visible. (Note: Xml toolbars now renamed as built-in toolbars).
    • Bug fix: Multiple-row tab background not drawn properly sometimes.

    What's new in version 6.00.064:

    • Bug fix: can't launch slimbrowser from instaler.
    • Bug fix: can't access some of the menu items overlapping the menu bar when the menu is too long.

    What's New in version 6.00.063:

    • Updated default toolbar background image.

    What's New in version 6.00.062:

    • Bug fix: Escape key not able to stop navigation when focus is inside the site.
    • Bug fix: Address icon not updating properly sometimes.
    • Bug fix: Ctrl+N opens Internet Explorer if focus is inside the webpage.
    • Bug fix: 'Open members inside a group' opens blank pages between the pages selected.
    • Added option to change default rendeirng mode.
    • Bug fix: when restore last open sites option is on, clicking on an external link to open SlimBrowser won't open the target site.
    • Bug fix: some icons on the links bar not displayed correctly.

    What's New in version 6.00.053:

    • .Language file update.

    What's New in version 6.00.051:

    • Added option to open autologin in separate session.
    • Bug fix: some special case sbrender.exe crash when closing a tab.
    • Bug fix: download manager file name detection.

    What's New in version 6.00.050:

    • Bug fix: process model settings not saved.

    What's New in version 6.00.048:

    • Bug fix: cookie sharing with
    • Bug fix: compatibility view list editor won't show sites assigned to highest mode.
    • Bug fix: ctrl+N and ctrl+F behave incorrectly when focus is inside the web page.
    • Added option to clear icon cache in tools:privacy menu.

    What's New in version 6.00.047:

    • Bug fix: can't scroll page with mouse wheel after openning a new tab.

    What's New in version 6.00.046:

    • Bug fix: web page icon not updated on tab and address bar.

    What's New in version 6.00.045:

    • Fixed missing keystroke issue.

    What's New in version 6.00.044:

    • Fixed issue of using ctrl+tab to switch between tabs.

    What's New in version 6.00.042:

    • Fixed gmail shortcut key conflict issue (ctrl+B for bold)
    • Fixed another bug case about openning links from flash object.
    • Fixed Google Plus compatibility issues with IE9 installed.

    What's New in version 6.00.041:

    • Bug fix: http and proxy authentication information sharing across the tabs.
    • Updated Microsoft compatibility view list. ( flash issue resolved).
    • Bug fix: tab bar style not saved.
    • New feature: you can search for single word directly from address bar by adding a '/' symbol at the beginning of it. For example, type '/browser' and press enter will search for browser in the default search engine instead of going to

    What's New in version 6.00.040:

    • Bug fix: fixed alias issue introduced in build 039.

    What's New in version 6.00.039:

    • Bug fix: run javascript from address bar
    • Bug fix: cookie sharing issue in IE7.
    • Bug fix: can't hide browser with hotkey when the focus is inside the web page.

    What's New in version 5.01.035:

    • Fixed share on twitter menu function.
    • Fixed Chinese-Japan-Korean language message box autowrap issue.

    What's New in version 5.01.033:

    • Bug fix: Resize checkbox controls properly after translation in Windows XP.
    • Bug fix: web page translation fails to update properly.
    • Updated language files.

    What's New in version 5.01.030:

    • New way to close tabs conveniently: close tabs on the left, close tabs from the same domain.
    • Bug fix: size and position popup windows opened by javascript correctly.
    • Bug fix: help button on download manager option page not working.

    What's New in version 5.01.029:

    • Bug fix: crash upon building links bar.

    What's New in version 5.01.027:

    • Bug fix: log file is now also removed upon cleaning history.

    What's New in version 5.01.026:

    • Bug fix: online feedback page failed to fill in configuration information automatically.

    What's New in version 5.01.023:

    • Bug fix: side pane size not properly saved in some cases.
    • Complete Polish language added.

    What's New in version 5.01.022:

    • Bug fix: Context menu not working when browsing files from UNC path. Couldn't open files from UNC path.

    What's New in version 5.01.021:

    • Bug fix: Active pane in explorer bar not saved properly at exit
    • Bug fix: download manager history not saved properly

    What's New in version 5.01.017:

    • Bug fix: autologin not working for some sites.

    What's New in version 5.01.016:

    • Bug fix: some in-page shortcuts not working with IE9
    • Automatic memory optimization.

    What's New in version 5.01.015:

    • Improved support for IE9.

    What's New in version 5.01.013:

    • Performance improvement: reduced program exiting time.
    • Bug fix: The & symbol is now displayed on links bar correctly.

    What's New in version 5.00.099:

    • Added option in tools:search to change default engine on quicksearch bar.
    • Bug fix: multi-line startup commands were not saved correctly
    • Added hotkey to hide browser.
    • Grouped additional context menu items under In-Page shortcuts
    • Added menu function File->Close tabs on the right.
    • Highlight downloaded file when opening folder from download manager.

    What's New in version 5.00.092:

    • Added support to bypass download manager by holding ctrl+alt key.
    • Bug fix: default download folder name not stored correctly if it begins with r and n.
    • Added option to close download manager automatically when they are no running jobs.
    • Disable download manager on free file hosting sites like rapidshare, megaupload, etc.
    • Bug fix: can't drag tabs if mouse buttons are swapped.
    • Language file updates.

    What's New in version 5.00.057:

    • Bug fix: search suggestions in quicksearch box for far-eastern language keywords.

    What's new version 5.00.049:

    • Separate unicode version and non-unicode version.
    • Unicode version now comes with a multi-language unicode installer.
    • Bug fix: some tabs become visible after closing a tab when there are too many tabs scrolling horizontally.