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VideoCleaner is a special program that is designed to help law enforcement personnel perform forensic duties although it is available for anyone interested in using it. The video enhancement software processes digital images and almost all video formats, including proprietary ones.

Using VideoCleaner

The installation process took three configuration steps that lasted about five minutes. We right-clicked the installer to run it with elevated privileges. We had to allow the installation of FFDshow video codec support and AviSynth scripting tool in addition to the VideoCleaner.

Once we had installed the three programs, an application called AvsP opened, acting as the video enhancement software's interface. We needed to associate .avs files with the program via the "Options" menu, a process that required administrator privileges. We closed the VideoCleaner for the change to take effect.

The next configuration step required us to open FFDshow folder via the "Start" menu and launch the video decoder configuration window. The window was divided into right and left panes, with the items on the left pane having check boxes next to them. We ticked the AviSynth check box and saved the setting by clicking the "OK" button.

We then right-clicked the "VideoCleaner fix" option under the VideoCleaner program shortcut to run it as administrator and reset scripts that could cause errors.

Once everything was set and we successfully launched the program, we loaded an image or video by pressing either F5 or Ctrl+O. Toggle boxes appeared on the upper part of the program window, which we activated and made visible by checking them with the mouse.

Each program feature that we used to adjust videos and images had sliders that moved from left to right. Brief descriptions appeared to the left of the sliders. Most of the sliders also had default values displayed in curly brackets to the left while the current slider values appeared to the right side in blue color. Clicking the blue values reset the sliders to the original values when we started the session.

Some of the sliders simply turned features either on or off. Such sliders only moved from zero to one and vice versa. The program also included controls that enabled us to perform multiple tasks at once. For example, we could deactivate all enhancements, list active features or display the required frames. There were also tools that allowed us to make some enhancements automatically, such as changing lighting or adjusting color.

In addition to making general enhancements, VideoCleaner featured a forensic option that enhanced or isolated specific details. It also included an analysis option that could be used to detect content manipulation.

The status bar on the lower part of the user interface displayed important information about the loaded video while the playback bar with standard playback controls appeared just above the status bar.

We could compare the original videos with enhanced ones.


VideoCleaner is a powerful program for improving the quality of videos and images. The free video enhancement software includes features that are ideal for forensic purposes.

Software Product Description

Free video software to improve the quality of videos and images.


"Thank you"

Reviewer: -Tyler

Review Date: 2020-11-08

Pros: I used it to determine who stole my porch package. Then I used it to restore my digitized home movies. Very impressive.

Cons: I didn't notice that I had to use the F5 key to load my video, so that wasted some of my time.

Other Thoughts: Did Freeware Files make this software?


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