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Release Date:   2021-02-18

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OS:  Windows 8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messengers on the mobile platform. The mobile applications for different operating systems allow group chats, sharing locations and sending photos and videos among others. With the introduction of WhatsApp for Windows, you can now enjoy using your favorite messenger from your desktop. The free desktop app is compatible with Windows 8 and later operating systems.

Using WhatsApp for Windows

WhatsApp for Windows acted as an extension of our Smartphone, which needed to run the mobile app for it to work. We placed our phone close to the computer for the best experience, but we could as well leave it in the pocket after the initial setup.

When we launched the app for the first time, we needed to scan a QR code with its mobile counterpart. We pressed the Menu button on the mobile app and tapped WhatsApp Web, which allowed us to scan the code on the computer.

Once we had scanned the code, all the conversations on our mobile app were loaded onto the desktop version. We did not manually add any contact, as the program intuitively imported them from the phone. We seamlessly continued with our chats from the computer, where typing was more convenient. In addition to using a large keyboard, we had access to all keyboard shortcuts, which made our work even easier.

We could send messages, pictures and attachments, record voice messages and manage our message history from the computer. The program saved our messages, and we did not need to worry about missing pushed notifications.

The Menu option on the mobile app allowed us to view all web and desktop clients logged into our account.


WhatsApp for Windows allows users to access their favorite mobile messenger on the desktop, from where they get it more convenient to use. WhatsApp must be running on their smartphones for them to use the desktop version, which reflects what appears on the mobile counterpart.

Software Product Description

Cross-platform mobile messaging app.


"Windows 8 or above?"

Reviewer: -Stuart

Review Date: 2016-05-14

Pros: None as it won't work on Windows 7.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Whatsapp is a decent program on Android, however it's Open Source rival Telegram makes it look pretty 3rd rate ! For one thing Telegram is one quarter the size of Whatsapp yet does more and Telegram will work on any device, Whatsapp doesn't work on Windows 7,,eh the most popular version of Windows in use today and their desktop app doesn't work on it,, I really find that strange.


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