5 Useful Pedometer Apps for Android


We’re told today that ten thousand steps are required each day in order to maintain fitness and health. This has resulted in a proliferation of every kind of pedometer app imaginable being marketed to us. So, how do we best keep a count of the steps we take?

If you carry your smartphone around all day, the answer’s an easy one.

Your phone has a built-in accelerometer which has made it easy for the development of pedometer apps of many kinds. While some require GPS tracking, many work offline so that data and battery use do not become issues. Calorie counting, BMI tracking, route tracking, goal setting and syncing to other fitness apps are all incorporated into many pedometer apps, while others keep their structure more simple. Home screen widgets display your up to the minute step count. Here are five of the top free Android pedometers.


Pedometer – Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner

A simply great step counter, distance tracker and motivator

The Android pedometer from Simple Design Ltd. counts your steps and tracks the distance walked, the time taken and burned calories without any GPS tracking.

The steps you’ve taken, calories burned, and distance walked are displayed on graphs, with daily, weekly and monthly averages calculated. Once you’ve input your gender, weight, etc. in ‘Settings’, just tap the ‘Start’ button and your steps are counted even if your screen is locked. You can pause and restart at any time and there’s even a training mode where you can record time, distance and calories burned separately for a specific regular daily walking activity.

An accurate, battery saving pedometer, it makes a great weight loss helper and is possibly the best walking tracker and planner. You get an added benefit in that when you achieve your daily stop goals for more than two days, you start a streak chart which keeps you motivated. Android 4.1 or up is required.



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Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

Steps taken, distance walked and the calories burned all at a quick glance

The Leap Fitness Step Counter is another simple Android pedometer app that records your steps without GPS tracking. It provides report graphs and optional backup to Google Drive, and has several themes included to make the display attractive.

Step Counter’s simple screen displays your step count, with the distance walked, the time taken and calories burned. A timeline screen gives you your day by day history and attractive graphs provide your step count, distance traveled and calories burned by day, week and month are available via the’ Report’ tab.

The app awards badges for the achievement of step goals and calories burned to provide motivation in an intriguing format. Step Counter requires Android 4.1 or higher.



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Samsung Health

Get an analysis of your physical activity to stay fit and healthy

Samsung Health is rather more than an Android pedometer. In addition to counting steps, it records your intake details and tracks your physical exercise and activity levels. Intuitive charts help you to develop a healthy lifestyle, and tips and free exercise programs are available to assist you.

Step recording is automatically switched on when you launch the app and you just tap the steps section of the screen to set your target or view your history. Your Home screen is where you view your progress and input information on what you eat and drink, your sleep and stress levels, and monitor your weight.

Three tabs, in addition to the screen’s ‘Home’ tab, give you access to more:

  • Together – Compare and interact with a community, participate in challenges, etc.
  • Experts – Get health and well-being information.
  • Discover – Find programs, products, and promotions

More than seventy languages are available and Samsung Health requires Android 5.0 and Samsung smartphones from Galaxy S3 but many non-Samsung Android smartphones are compatible.



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Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

Your choice: step counter or interactive fitness tracking capability

Meeting a range of requirements in an Android pedometer, Pacer Health’s Pedometer and Step Counter app has optional GPS tracking and support for Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. Track your steps or join the Pacer Health fitness community.

Once open, the app tracks your steps automatically displaying your step count, calories burned, time taken and distance covered. Home Page tabs Me, Trends, Explore and Plan provide you with your personal tracking, your entire activity history, your interactive groups and challenges, and your fitness goals.

Android 4.1 or higher is required.



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EasyFit Step Counter

Great themes and badges act as motivational tools

Mario Hanna’s free Android pedometer app counts your steps and the calories burned and lets you sync with their EasyFit Calorie Counter. There’s no GPS or data collection so you have privacy and save on battery usage.

The design is quite awesome and the displays are highly engaging with animated statistics and badges to earn. The badge for your current step count even shows on the widget provided for your phone’s home screen.

EasyFit Step Counter provides everything you need in a pedometer:

  • All features immediately available – no pressure to upgrade
  • Low battery usage and Special Power Save mode
  • 100% privacy – you need set no permissions for access to personal details or location
  • Motivational badges (28)
  • Choice of great, colorful themes (30)
  • Beautiful, highly original design that meets Google material design
  • Home screen widget

Requires Android 4.1 or higher.



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